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A holy merit

A holy merit with enormous power

From the holy Tana Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai


Dear friend!


Without our entering your home we know the truth. Because this truth in your home is the truth in our home as well. Each one of us has an inner hidden sigh, a point of pain, sorrow and grief that we don't easily share with others, not even with our closest friends that we see every day. Thus we carry our pressing burden with us all over, sometimes with a feeling of despair that – that's it, there's no hope of the situation improving.


Here is the good news. Your most serious package of sorrows is about to leave you, with G-'d help – just as the troubles of many other people dissolved and disappeared in the merit of the holy Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai. Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai does not distinguish amongst those who need help; he is willing to help every Jew as he is, as it says in the holy Zohar, "Just as G-d is for all, so Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai is for all." In his generation Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai was known as being "used to miracles" and until today miracles to those connected to him don't stop happening. Of course, one has to pray a lot, because the number of prayers for each thing we want is allotted in Heaven -  the main thing is not to despair.


You can relieve yourself from the heavy burdens weighing down upon you. With your donation towards the spreading of the Torah of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai (RASHBY) you accumulate tremendous merits and become a full partner in all the activities of Torah and kindness performed by us.


It is well known that if a person says something in the name of a wise man, that wise man will pray for him and advocate good for him; certainly the people who contribute money that brings many people to learn the Torah of RASHB'Y will have endless merits.

For donations for a specific purpose, please write your request, for example:

A good match

Happy marriage

Harmony in the home

Healthy children

Easy pregnancy

Easy birth

Success in bringing up children

Plentiful livelihood

Speedy recovery

Happy birthday

Bar/bas mitzvah

Consecration of new home

Opening a new business

Success in court

Finding favor in people's eyes


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