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Truths of the Torah

Torah was given openly in front of millions of people

explained in detail by the Chafetz Chaim z "l (the number of" Outcasts of Israel "):

did not come here to argue with people these criminals are off our sins Venfsotm Oforkin burden willfully hearts kingdom of heaven, and I make some innocent people when they say Shmtftin because real Bsrshi watched our holy Torah, Oaan watched my brother says how much increased Totn Hfokrin of those people who deny Dnhsbin as the daylight was visible Anyone with eyes to see [alone lessons they have eyes] Dana would not let our holy Torah secretly Ocdctib: "No advance in secret word", Region: our holy Torah gave crutch "The secret could make do with those who claim that verifies report, but let's largest advertising openly in front of sixty people who were all Rboa presence of the Holy and terrible at them and get them all wholeheartedly answered with one voice:" All that which the 'done' [as follows Navarro length] . And that generation will keep on getting all the constitutions and legal in all Israel at all none of them was missing. And any time the long and bitter exile and Nhsr not changed any Mitzvah Torah commandments in all places Fzorino over the world, and not come any negligence in all of Israel and none of them your product Lhshign things from the other world as Etrog lulav not Nhsr Mshiral nowhere any time.

Mitzvah Mitzvah and Torah commandments teach repeated in every generation from time Ntinth present Israel with tens of thousands every detail carefully Odkdokihn great and terrible. [No box token of our holy Torah, which was not worked on it a few thousand and tens of Israel first and last generations understand the ignorant and everyone found it wise to know every one by his intellect and wisdom. Yet not come get them to stay there for another purpose north wonders. David prayed and said, "wave my eyes would look wonderful Mtortc"]. Not alone pivotal Law, but also slag and regulations were silent sages and prophets of the first generations as washing hands Eruvin law assigned Hanukkah lamp, etc. Ntbar interpreted in detail Ohlokihn Shas sages Rabbis following them, Onshmrin became Israel in exile and all came no negligence anything easy at all Israel in this long exile.

verifies that signal the true eternal nature God has given him alive forever in his words there are also live forever. Hmchshim will please those sons of Israel Mitzvah cancel an easy one, hear them? these boys please come and ask fathers how cruel cut of meat Arltm spill blood when they were eight days and made a feast day of joy and Hmlo infant sons Ihidihm Tifohim Bashari times did such a cruel world to report any money to cut their own meat and sons. Or ask them to relatives who used them Torah comes a loss of money torture the body, such as eating forbidden Sabbath and Yom Kippur leavened strike committees and so on.

and would watch a few thousand and tens of Israel who gave their lives for burning and killing people for having their sons Torah, both at home and at any time of exile and suffered severe pain and lifts which Ttzlna ears to hear. And who brought them all this if not the clear faith their fathers and fathers who complained their fathers until they saw the first generation of miracles and wonders which God did for them when Shutziam Egypt great and terrible desert, where a snake resin scorpion,, Shulichm there forty years on a cloud who goes before them day and on page fire night to illuminate them, showered them bread from heaven, [every day to his religion on Friday and on Saturday Bcflim Haman did not come down at all. like behavior one week and two weeks because if any time they are forty years in the desert], water blockade Halamish. Nhsr them or anything.

and swallowing ice Odtn Abiram Harry miracles and wonders done them then, as has been said regarding beg quit due. class and great and terrible interest in receiving the Torah was sixty Rboa people [except the women and boys and old men of less than sixty or more], and saw all their eyes look great and terrible voices torches mountain smoking voice of God speaking to them the flames of fire came out of their lives almost as he spoke, [ Beast to cancel Saturday's live Cdaita Chapter Rabbi Akiva], and heard the word of Gd to Moses a loud voice: 'Moshe, Moshe, you told them, and it really is determined by their faith in their hearts' teachings prophecies Moshe Rbm. As they say: "Behold, I come to you for Bab cloud are the words you hear and you believe world."

means memory port Sinai Egypt

Maimonides wrote the Letter, God promised and went on bail, that whoever is the seed of Israel will believe Moses and his teachings are both sons to the world how their faith until they neared נתחזקה to Moses saying: 'You heard the battle all who tells the our God you heard and did. And never forget the terrible status last generation, not based on love of God and Parents must have generation after generation will tell Azuz the wonders Bsrshi credit for believing that she moved to the success of eternal life, but commanded very careful to remember that every day and tell our children and their We built Cdctib: "save soul kept you very much, lest you forget the things which your eyes see the Russian Pen your heart all your life opinions Lvenich day that your sons and their position before the sword and your God."

warned and commanded in memory of the Exodus and the miracles he had always the cases before us Cdctib "things" beg "than a few turn. purpose is commanded us some special team moved remembering the Exodus from Egypt and the miracles made us then for no Remind him to never depart Elimination staff meeting chametz eating matzo going Bags sukkah and made the sanctity of the oldest and forearm and Saturday is a sign of renewed world exodus from Egypt. Tmidotn publication and most can not possibly forget the Exodus from Egypt and Israel fundamental of our holy Torah .

and Ramban wrote affair came, and tongue: the great wonders signals faithful witnesses faith Creator Torah and for Gd does not do miracles every generation in front of all evil poker heretic, ordered us always done memory token Osnatik our eyes when they saw things our sons and our sons to their sons until the last generation, and you have everything that we write to us Cbamt Ovmfotim signals, by us and between us and says: "You had a sign on your memory and your eyes etc. that the firm hand Hutziac The Egypt" and write it on the mezuzah houses gates reminding that we call the morning and evening, and so forth, many staff remembered the Exodus from Egypt and all generations to have any evidence of wonders they will not forget, nor be denied a voice heretic faith of God that one buyer stated Mezuzah opening move meant matters, already admitted knowledge of world renewal Creator supervision and prophecy and believed in all corners of the Torah Ac"l .

not alone in recalling the desert generation will strengthen our belief that several generations behind the judges and on the days of Saul and David and Solomon Israel saw how many times the supervision of respect for the world and in every man Hezekiah saw the salvation of Israel at night the angel sent Assyrian camp and hit a hundred and eighty-five thousand people in one night as they lay them all environments Jerusalem and many miracles and wonders done with them as written words of the prophets, and in Esther and Mordechai in Hashmonaim including two days at home so the apparent always respect all the lies within eleven Emma Help and forth from the entry side of the altar were Motrin Israeli stand there stood the crowd during the leg that number tens of thousands had to be across Amidtn few words Oamidtn Tzfofin was done when bowing down profit were Msthoim profits.

and the sky was on fire altar is always and by all the victims burned Hey everyone who had a very short time as when the leg were very many sacrifices were Mhoibin Olat evidence to each taxpayer and happy vows handouts and other victims Snthibo all year round comfort to the foot Cdctib hour affair, see: "You came there and bringing them to put Aolotichm Osebhichm" etc., and all ten miracles performed in front of our ancestors in the Temple all.

verifies all because our ancestors saw eye to eye all the Torah in their lives was their lives and chose to die happily passing on one willfully warnings from Hamat bothersome.

idolater when the temple came the priests and their work and Omdin Horgin them with swords and spears - and they did not stop always work: it cut off his head and came second Cohen received syringe and a right hand one by one until raised by all on the altar and finished work of God properly, then Cshtzito enemy fire temple sanctum knocked themselves eighty thousand priests office flowers into the fire will burn with the house of God [Cdaita Midrash] and brought the blade of fire to heaven themselves. And several tens of thousands have given their lives for religion, then to the well known book chronicles each, and gave their lives as martyrs in every generation. Ac"l.

saw the book "Mount Sinai", brought signed writer (part Yoreh Deah Z NW) It goes: It seems to me madness to say that one who got one invented editions put on tefillin, and walked out on his forehead one fund World misleading to say this is phylactery said he cried, and said non Irgmohu people is not heard or seen from ancestors stood on Mount Sinai, Moses A"h us followed by Joshua and old prophets who will resume his thing, and about Succah D. species and act victims, than can change it in use every day before the old prophets if we saw our eyes from Moses A"h students to this day Ac"l.

and name of the book "Sons of Issachar" It goes: but succeeds in fees and know my legs were his ancestors at Mount Sinai and as the destination Bhuiot great Abbey, has no need to engage in investigations in reality the blessed. That by the Torah is the heart of Bentham Hogy without doubt, that he wrote at the mercy RY Ha'avatz. My eyes have seen them at cut annihilation researchers who were on the art research, converted dignity without help on the day of rage; and those who had their faith in the Torah. Even women frivolous temple worthy and terrible name. That this has been achieved by the end has a mind which is not the end of faith is not blessed. This belief is not the end, this belief comes to us an inheritance of our ancestors who distinguished class conflict sparks Gd Ora Torah Dedications she is noble of him, and that in turn is where the viewer is king of honor, and even Take Torah observance: bull, pit, seven, burned, there The King is hiding in his dress. Determine faith in the heart of the Israeli people together Bell collapsed forever.

and it is being said in verse: "Theory of the innocent". All Law Oh, blessed as "delightful soul. Israel not respond to all persons engaged in the belief Gd without a doubt

it is stated: "You know that the rath is of God", is: all Honorable rath Mount presence is to know the rest of the world, that "is of God. That by this evidence throughout the world will know the true faith without research, that's what they said Rabbis of blessed memory: "I wish I had left." Were not dealing with research to know me 'teachings maintained. When' the light which was Mhzirn reformed. That light Torah is Gd spark light produced at the beginning, and as if the eye looks the Elkin. that really a business person in turn Noam H. Elkin us lights a spark in the letters of the Torah. Ac"l book of Issachar (new article Sivan Article The virtue of the Torah) .

aware, Duff by Arnaud order inheritance faith Abraham, head of the faithful read and saw all the generations, (by the way good advice to believe I helped, the eye in order so generations, and show a chain of generations of Adam, and the book Lhhid"a big name)

Abraham saw Noah, and overlap of fifty-eight years, Noah lived generation Abraham (he thought the book "Short order generations), and certainly interesting Flood told him, and try the box with him, and Noah Seth saw the first man, and certainly told him about you see the world, so that Abraham is important third generation creation, and he himself distinctly Get real elements, but called the head of the faithful, the first being published Alokoto blessed the world, as it says: "the soul who did chooser" , and extended introduction.

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