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Smart faith

Be that element of faith we plot our ancestors, we must educate and understand and believe:

A.. Unmistakable God forbid they say anything that they like providence vision Ish wrote: Blessed is the supervision of each generation of individuals in every generation Sstln laws and legal order in Israel, when they Mamikin law, both angels and spirit at this time Merom line them, and their mouths were Laws Saturday severe marital and other harsh laws, namely: the Holy Spirit series on the sages of Israel and all agreed they say the sky (taken in ways of Ish).

on. That their words come out from their hearts pure and without any bribes, they bribe or bribe money lust, and touch the world did not touch their hearts pure, forbid us to suspect that the sanctity of the supreme mistake Rabbis of blessed memory, vision and written by Ish and tongue:

there evil that created that discourage faith Iilft heart smart people, and the weight of deception touch: the duty of the student to believe that touching the world with smarter power dissuade distort trial, that his winning trend wise; Olhtgal some guilt, hurt himself and wounding more than Mecca, and how it is possible that for the Make Money or Lagi sinner, soul twist Ihbl trial! Another feature that the truth is that a smart feature for his root realistic, and dust lie away, and is a lot of faith in straight legs smart dust wrestlers.

but urge rowed undermine the trustee chair, attractive people tend to be clever, and brings them full tuition from the Gemara that touch is a crucial force small and large together. Her values even the most intelligent, even followers and act, no insults as wise after deletes human nature, and do not know that this assumption orphaned by the cohort, and a judge in Israel, Ontbtlh Sanhedriya of the country. That even if the person agrees to growing smart of the smart, do not require the soul to hear him, after he found the order to hang some touching, and not all non Ibtzr satisfied with teaching the wise, and by the generation that got the judges judge, and his straight man do.

anyway VALUABLE whispering Hmhcmim of touching certain tilted heart smart, clear generation and sometimes, non correct position, and atmosphere of the city, sometimes the atmosphere of each country, filled with whip language, fights and fights, and without faith Smart increased in Ac"l

will say that one of deception urge - coyote the heart of man suspected of the sages of Israel touches of money or of honor, she dropped the hearts, and their actions stem from contamination report, there is no truth in their hearts, and that the person pulling himself from the faith , the save us, because every element of faith comes to us by the sages of Israel, believe that their words and being true without a touch of indulgence and bribery, etc., and the Holy Spirit series on them, and Torah Torah is from heaven.

still there: how careful Rz"l suspected themselves that they have nothing to do with. Hamevoar addresses (K"h A"b) on R. Ishmael Bar Elisha brought him a first gas and wanted to discuss because bribes. and R. Ishmael Gen. Yossi Aris was used to bring him fruit on Friday, and once early on Thursday and wanted to discuss Jewish law he had no connection to obtain a favor. and Samuel wanted to pass the river and gave him a hand to help him, and did not want Discuss the heart because that is all she's bias in his favor. Amimer flower and something on his head, and that person took off, and did not want to even discuss such a little good. and Mr. Okba, who was a rock road, and this person Cshu honor, and did not want Discuss.

and Gemara Sanhedrin (YH A"b): No King Moshibin Csharotzin court at the year Oiosbin discuss whether to or not, because he has to do with troops that pays wages once a year, preferably a whole years will pass. And no Moshibin priest at the court this year because he has to do with that this year will not be a leap to EST will still be summer, dipped baptisms Day of Atonement would not be so cold. Ish king wrote Damrinn vision - even a fan Hasidim, a high priest - even Simon the Just, that's how careful the late Rabbis in their words and actions lest a stranger touches intervene pure minds.

If yes, when we hear what is truth and what is lies and fraud - to whom shall we go? Lhfokrim Species Inventory touches everyone lust, lies and bribery is only their opinion counts! God forbid! We have no means but from Lilac Rabbis, only truth is their desire, and they lie Mouse, far from them all the lust and desire chastity self Ontkdso terrible, so surely a crucial consideration in their minds and truth.

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