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Rsb"i your lawyer

righteous know good well Lmstdlim good works for their souls, especially in areas that they gave their lives for it. Variety of possibilities to connect with Harsb"i Here

Saint login Ltna is several levels

1] study independently Article Mharsb"i each week. This is a strong connection with the soul of the righteous - the site will be published every week a new article in a clear light

2] Prayer of Zion Harsb"i. Harsb"i tomb was known to be answering any time and place for hope and answers even in cases in which naturally stopped any chance. Declaration Harsb"i scholars of his generation he was educated in miracles too anyone from Israel, which from a distance can reach the mark Io St. they can send us your details and we'll try to mention the Holy Zion for free

3] recommendation to friends / friends. Family members. And Mcrichm. Sign Lrsb"i visit doctrine - the site meets the needs of social and spiritual family together. Lmcrichm might have depression very interested to pray with him for Zion's advocate with Israel? To deprive a good owner and leave it for tomorrow spread the mailing list address immediately. Oisoatcm with The name also rush to come. Remember! Holy glow Harsb"i writes that by spreading the teachings Tba completed redemption. Hftztcm by and for the URL of the theory Harsb"i Ohmltztcm him. win redemption and salvation private.

4] contributions to lift the soul Divine Htna Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai will strengthen us and give us the power and means to continue to enjoy you guys. And expand in important sections have a great benefit to the public dear. Besides power very large charitable protect you from all misfortune and hardship touched and disease

* If you have ideas for optimizing and improving the site in any area you think you are on the increase. Or if you can donate your time Umcisorichm maintenance of the site promotion. We would like to optimize. Harsb"i right to protect you and every member of your home and all Hnloim you

Rsb"i your lawyer

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