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Revered figures

bring a practical size Frisotm were right barn evil Maduro Our sages of blessed memories of Rsb"i followed. (number Stifler eternal life of blessed memory, and faith of Israel)

Wonderland leaderships Hsidotm

Talmud [Tractate fasting in A"b,] asked his students the great Ada Bar Love: "Because what the extension of days?" he told them: "I never took care in my home, and measures against those who older than me and I thought the outskirts of dirty, and I went to D die without Torah and tefillin, and I slept in the study, and two members Fault ".

learned tax 'Cover כ"ז A"b: the disciples asked Rabbi Elazar Ben Hearsay: "what the extension of days?" Told them: "I've never done Kfndrie synagogue, and I stepped on my head with the holy". [Ie: I did not sit in the Beit Midrash Cshtlmidim to never see them walking, because at the time were sitting on the ground.] Etc.. And there: Ask the Rabbi Frida: "Because what extension of days?" Told them: "I've never Kadman person to study, etc..

working on numerous policy removes an obstacle

and fasting as A"b, terrible acts of Rav Huna, cloudy days, wind blowing would drive the wagon, and a rickety house that was falling was contradicted, and if the owner has money to build it, they were different and if not He was counting on - at his expense. and every Friday night was going to market, and vegetables remained Lirknim would buy them, see there. and when he sits to eat would open his house and says: "All those who need to come and eat".

get Iisorin voluntary Llachfrat offense

still there as the AE, Mhsidoto of Nahum Gamzu man: told him about Nahum Gamzu man was blind in both eyes, two hands stump, cut two feet, and his whole body full of boils, lay in rickety legs of his bed Saflieni terms of water so it will not ants. Once lay in his bed was rickety. Request students to his bed, and then clear the dishes. Told them: "My son, contacted the dishes and then turned unsystematic, promises to you: while I'm at home no less. Cleared the dishes and then gave way to his bed and fell to the house.

told him his disciples: "that since the righteous right you why you came so?" Told them: "Son, I made myself, once I step on the way to Hot Springs, Shui Wah! With me John donkeys, one of the one dish a feast of one of the kinds of clothes. One poor man came and stood me in and told me: 'Rabbi, Frnsni! ' I told him: 'Wait until Shafrook the donkey'. I was not able to unload the donkey until the exhausted soul, I fell on his face and said that Hsu's eyes on your eyes - hesitation; by not spared by you - Itgdmo; feet not Hsu on your feet - Itkto. and Ntkrra me until I said: My whole body shall be full of boils. They told him: "Woe Srainoc it!" Told them: "Woe is me if I did not see it," A"c.

pity on poor Dan favorably all

still there Mhsidoto Aumna father, who deserve peace every day from the sky, Abbey every Friday night, every night great Day of Atonement, and weak opinion of Abbey, and told him from the sky that you can do as a father Aumna . What were his actions? Father Aumna blood was shed when she was a woman came dressed in a sheet for modesty and not look at her, and puts cash out: who has to pay pay, and that he had not paid and not ashamed, when he came scholar would not have taken money from him, the contrary would have given him Silver syllables himself. Abbey once wanted to try it out and send him a pair of scholars and ate and drank with him, and offered them sleep wool jewelry, next took the smart wool rugs you went to the market, when it passed the market Aumna father told him: "These carpets Onmcaram attention to you. Told them: "They are worth so much, and I am willing to pay for". They told him: "How do you know they're worth it?" Told them: "I bought them by so". They told him: "What we suspect that we steal your wool rugs?" He said, "that prisoners had the opportunity revenue wise. Shikhm told him back, told them: "Since my mind was not Akhm order to charity, and took them from them.

never angry

Rav Zeira asked: "what the extension of days?" Told them: "I never took care in my home", etc.. Ditto Eleazar ben Hearsay.

into a burning furnace to not embarrass

seventeenth A"b more addresses, Mr. Okba was a poor neighborhood and give him every four Zózimo a door threshold not be ashamed. One day the poor decided to see who is giving him hours every day, that day came Mr. Okba with his wife and fled from the same person who entered the oven sweeping Iram embers hide out, burned up Mr. Okba. His wife told him: "Put your feet up, mine is not burned," Comer Gemara because she gives charity, charity than his own, because it gives food ready.

genius charity

still there: See Dad throws tied coins were arranged after the inventor himself poor so as not to be ashamed.

suffer thirst pangs rather than pass on the wise words

and Eruvin, Rabbi Akiva was wearing at Hasorin, and Rabbi Joshua Garcia job there, and Mcnissin water him every day in so far, and one day a guard poured Thmim that suspected him of wanting to strive digging the ground, come see Joshua Rabbi Akiva Rabbi Akiva told him to give him water Tul hands. He said, "I poured the water guard and have little, not enough even to drink, or drink in order not to pass on words of the wise, said to be washing hands.

undertook terrible agony Llachfrat misdemeanor easy

and Bava Metzia PD AE, Eleazar ben Rsb"i easy given that for the kingdom of sin and killing a person and that person had to the owner of a Hmaorsh Day of Atonement, not satisfied until he had read the agony to come him, and every night would make him put sheets in the morning they would pull him sixty guarantee full blood boil Szb it was him, and cattle would say that the agony they go to learn Torah at night he calls them to come.

closed bother bothered to teach Torah to infants of "Teacher

and there F"h: she acts big and made from cotton seed castles side Zviim orphans fed their flesh and skin made him a card and wrote five books of the Torah and six sub-orders, and going from village to village teaching children the Torah of Israel.

threw himself into the oven fire in order not to sin

more Kiddushin Activities prohibited, R. Hanina bar Papa offense demanded it important woman Goya. said a body was filled boils Something to Get off. She also said something Ontrfa body. fled and became a miracle and take advantage of it . and R. Zadok demanded him to Goya passed, he told her: "My heart is weak and can not, you have a coyote got something to eat?" spread Rashi was an important woman can kill him, and this answered that. He said: "I have nothing unclean Logan you eat". He said, "Well." Went into the oven to roast it impure into the oven will burn, too, told him: "What's that?" She said: "Whoever does such an act worthy will burn". Told him "I did not know you so serious that, if I knew I would not throttle you.

threw himself off the roof for fear of sin

another name familiar to most Kahane baskets for women. Goya sued him to her past, she said: "I'll Oakst myself. Leaf roof fell down and came to the prophet Elijah did not die and get. Elijah said to him: "bother me to run save you d'hundreds deployed. He said a Kahane: "Who made me this? I sell baskets of poor women. Elijah gave him a vessel full of dinars.

made himself a disgrace to refrain from sinning

still there, Mr. Amram Hsida incited evil inclination to talk past, took a ladder up to sin, and rose middle נתחזק shouted: "Fire at Amram, Amram fire house!" Sages came and told him: "change". Told them: "Better Ttbiso me in this world or the next.

boundless patience with his students studied four hundred times every thing

more Eruvin N"d, max Frida which was always four hundred times, and once your product for whatever reason to change him another four hundred times that were not enough first, short-lived four hundred years, and his contemporaries were promised the next world.

nails stuck in his own eyes blinded Mlovnim fire rather than sin in his eyes

another bag Vayechi, Mr. Matija a deaf woman who had not seen before, one day the devil wanted to try it seems to him that a beautiful woman like her world. And seeing that Rabbi Matija year student said softly: "Bring me nails Mlovnim fire. Bringing him Ntnn Onstma eyes, to not sin, Satan shocked, and finally Rfaohu from heaven, and agreed after he promised not to come more to the experience.

and washed from the sea Mhsidotm greatness Ofrisotm,

blackening his teeth Fast talking about Sggt not good

saw a few were anxious all sin Msgfim easy tortured themselves even Devore out of their mouths, that huh Dr. Joshua said: "Shoshani Mdrcichm House of Shammai", answer make up for it until blackened teeth and Lent (as a celebration "d).

Sigfo themselves fasting until there are not any misdemeanor

and Rav Huna (as little time), overturned a strip of tefillin, the answer is forty fasting. and much Hasdai on Devore's so easy not to fight with dignity, answer forty fasting. and Rav Huna Forty sitting fasting because he suspected Rabbi Hasdai (Baba Metzia Lag).

and Eleazar ben Azariah Perth neighbor out with weight on Saturday and protested that, although his opinion may Shui Likewise, but not smart opinion, blackened teeth Lent. And Parrish tapped three hundred Lenten fasting to see Hasdai. R. Zeira hundred Lenten fasting Shistch him what he had learned in Babylon, so as not to Itblbl Talmud Eretz Israel, and another hundred who die fasting Eleazar days fall on public needs, and another hundred fasting not rule him hell-fire. Every thirty days he was checking himself, namely concluded the stove and sat inside and controlled the fire (Baba Metzia Chapter Five). And see more Rabbis there fasted on easy mistake. And still there Yerushalmi fasted nine hundred and fasting.

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