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Rabbis were coined with sanctity of creation has changed for them

And their words are heard in heaven, all creation was in thrall to them, like they said: 'righteous decrees and God exists', presented Hulin (Tz"z) Mr. Pinchas Ben Yair Divided a river to pass him. And Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai said: "Baka Baka filled with gold dinar" was filled. And Rsb"i Eleazar son as they left the cave. Any place where they let their eyes Hey burned (with new shows). And Rabbi Yehuda when stopping rain, he would remove his shoes and sorrow, and soon it was raining (as' fasting). And Request great pity it rained down Tammuz (Shm.). And a Little Daniel Bar asks how he was feet down (where C "I). And (name) Nicodemus ben Gurion, who had warm and not set, that make a commitment to pay for water and peaceful nation, and if he passes that day had to pay him, Onsthth nation still hot show days.

small which revived the dead

and great power was to raise the dead, and Antoninus said to Rabbi: "I knew smaller in you can raise the dead". Where, R. Hanina bar Hma dead animal (idolatry Y.). Great animal and R. Zeira who died (found Tz"z). And R. John beast Rabbi Kahane (Bbka Kama Ki"z). And Reb H Ben Hakinai animal his wife (addresses S"b A"b).

fire surrounded them when Limodm

and greatness: Rabbi Elazar ben Arach requires action when a carriage, was a fire down from all the trees surrounding the mission field (th celebration). still there: Rabbi Joshua Csdrs act Chariot, Tammuz was a period, call rainbow sky looked heavy, the server angels came to hear. and every Saturday a bride in Nisan and Tishrei were Dorshin come much to hear, came down fire from heaven (Tos' Greetings prophets). And dealing in turn RA RY alas, fell fire Ohkiftm (Celebration Tu). And Yonatan Ben Uziel, dealing in turn, each chicken was blooming was burned off (as sukkah).

Hkfdtm was very dangerous

sheer holiness all their strictness was doing an impression, and said: "Wherever they gave their eyes to keep smart, or death or poverty" (when a seventeenth). and the woman hit with dignity Samuel, died ( vows N.). and it hurt Bob massacre, fell and killed the cow bone (Shiva F"z). And many places in which they gave their Oashaohu bag of bones. And grain man insulted me of R. Ishmael son of R. Yosi Onztra, drowned his two sons, and we both words (Yevamos K"h).

and brought Sanhedrin (Book of Laws): Raba created a man by the Book of Creation, and Reb H RA were creating every Friday night a wagon, and eat it on Saturday. eye that the Maharal created a Golem Prague, and the greatest generations that created a golem, see where in eternal life


were used at a voice from heaven, Elijah discovery

won were used at Cole, who was out of the sky and declared them things, an eye where many sources in the Talmud. Were used and were very frank Eliahu, Ein Talmud is a lot number, and many more generations for study were the greatest age Elijah Israel, see there, like Ari z ", and wrote the introduction to" J Mharh"o life ", and Viewed with the Holy Spirit a lot, a lot of eye sources that the Talmud, and every generation as Alma will give the righteous get across what he called every day (from sukkah).

Alkt here and a little big Norautm practical Moftihm.

see without eyes Bob

act was sufficiently Six - Blind. Once for the whole world were coming to the king, was a six and walked with them. Found one species, he said: "jars are intact river to pump water, but the broken jars where they go?! Since blind you, and you'll see the king, why are you going?" Six long said: "Let's see I know more than you". First past the royal cult, and noise. He said this species: "The king had just passed. Six long said: "not true". Underwent a second sect, and it was noise. He said, "Now the king passed. He said: "Even now, not yet passed. Underwent a third sect, Wah! Quietly without noise Mia. He said the sex: "Now comes the king". Six long said: "Now the truth is." He said the sex: "How do you know?" He said, "that the kingdoms of the earth is like a throne in heaven, and write (from It): 'And the wind noise, not the noise; and the noise of gunfire, not the fire; then fire a minute silence'" (softly resting) .

righteous decrees and God has

once fell Margalit one of the country of Ishmael, and swallowed a mouse. Comes with Rabbi Pinchas Ben Yair. Said Rabbi Pinchas Ben Yair, "and that I was connected to a member, you come to me?! Told him the course:" You are not connected to guess, I just came to you for your reputation is going far, you righteous right, and you cut and holy - Welcome - he holds the your hand. "Even Rabbi Pinchas Ben Yair, the mice come with him. saw one mouse had a hump back like a spy because he had swallowed, and prominent down through his back. said Rabbi Pinchas Ben Yair:" This mouse is spy! "carrot and let him down spy (Yerushalmi Dmai).

years before the river was divided into those who did not hit anyone in the world

Rabbi Pinchas Ben Yair [Hmio of Rsbi] and went to study on his way to a river called the Gardens. And this river is increasing very much, until it was impossible lilac through there. Said Rabbi Pinchas Ben Yair this river: "Gardens, Gardens! And you prevent me from going to study? River torn away, and moved on land. Told him his disciples:" can we pass? "He told them:" Who knows the mind that it Israel anyone ever, the river will not reach him no harm, God forbid, "(Yerushalmi Dmai).

right not fall house

act was an old brown Nehardea rickety, rabbi Samuel were passing under this wall, and - on - though she was standing there for thirteen years and does not deserve to fall another who stood all these years, but not by that shaky wanted to go under it, but it was the wall surrounding environments. One day, caught in a love Nehardea Ada Bar. Rabbi Shmuel said: "Nsobb her wall and not go under it". He said a "No we need it now, by us also have a love for Ada Bar, which has many fathers right, and we should worry about it" (Lent as .).

act Rabbi Huna, who had a wine in an old house and wanted to make wine there, but it was feared might fall into lilac house on it. What did? It took him and pulled the great love Ada Bar, and entered the house, and pepper in a house with some study, spending a long dispute between them until cleared Pepper wine away, then left the house. And soon as they fell to the house. Kept a love for Ada Bar Rav Huna, that he saw attracted to the trust for which the house will not fall while he was there, so prolonged dispute with him (about fasting).

large righteous Bmittm Barbie

act Rabbi Yona Menachem Ben mentioned, it unfortunate that the President's House. Onstth went on his father's grave. Told him: "Father, Father, these people unfortunate me". One day these people went to the cave of Rabbi Yona. Infected horses feet on the ground that the cave, and were able to move from their chairs, put them not go until they get more upset about them not Rabbi Menachem son.

Huey will do

Rabbi Menachem was used is found in Rabbi Isaac Ben Elyashiv. He said, "rich in-laws of the unfortunate me". He said, "will be poor!" And they had. He said, "They push me to give them a livelihood, by they are poor". He said, "will be rich!" And was on horseback. Rabbi Menachem said: "My wife is not acceptable to me, and settled her mind, according not pretty". He said, "What's her name?" He said: "Hannah!" Rabbi Isaac said: "Ttifh Hannah!" Ontifth. He said, "Now it will grow on me out of haughtiness beauty. Rabbi Isaac said: "If so, Hannah will be back as it was black. And was (Fast כג).

dissolved Hndonia charity the money he had made his home and was a miracle frank

Elazar Brtota man, when you see him Gabbay charity, were hiding from him, by him that all the time Hey lets them. One day came the market to buy and prepare Ndonia for his house. See it Gabbay charity, and hiding away. Ran after them and told them: "I am Msbiacm you to tell me what you are". They told him: "orphan orphan Lzoogm together. Told them: "I hereby swear that they previous home. It took everything he gave them, and stayed with him in this one. Bought him wheat, giving them treasury of wheat. Came his wife, said his house: "What brought your father?" She said: "All brought threw the Treasury of grain". Went to open the door to the Treasury, see Treasury full wheat, wheat pressing until the female goes out the door, and could open the door. Went home to study and told him: "Come and see what made you God!" He told her: "I hereby swear that they take you, and you have them but as interest in Israel" (Fast כג .).

Hmthta as his father before

act Rabbi Hanina Ben Dosa, which was going on and began to rain. Said to him: "good gracious! Whole world in peace, Hanina sorrow?" Rain stopped. When he came home, told him: "good gracious! Whole world in sorrow, as they seek water Lsdotihn, Hanina comfortably?! By I sit and I do not have rains, by fields that I have?" Raining.

said Chief Joseph: "What helped the prayer of the High Priest, who was praying, 'will enter the prayer to the fetal ways you? that here God heard prayers of Rabbi Hanina and stopped the rain.

abundance pipe justified to others,

while his salary only in the afterlife

long said: "Each day a voice come out and say: 'The whole world fed people for Hanina, Beit Hanina of his crutch rather Hrobin West Saturday evening Saturday. that no bread was poor, so was I Only carob "(Fast כג).

were a miracle to not be ashamed visible

act wife of Rabbi Hanina ben Dosa, who was used to deduce the stove every Friday night, and gives him something he was smoking a lot, so the neighbors will think that she bakes in the oven. And did shame, she had what to bake in the oven. She had a bad neighbor, she said: I do not know what to bake and cook anything so I'll see what that smoke rising like steam kiln. Went and knocked on the door, Ontbeish it went to another room. She is a miracle, she found a neighbor that the oven is full of bread dough and a full guarantee.

neighbor told her: "Go quickly brought rebelled and took the bread from the oven, not the bread will burn if the oven will remain longer term". She said the wife Rabbi Hanina Ben Dosa: "I went into this room to take rebelled away from the stove to pan-bread." And it was, she went into a machine to take the rebellion, although she knows that nothing in the oven, although it was used by her to do miracles so she went into that room.

said his wife of Rabbi Hanina ben Dosa to her husband: "Until such a time like the present suffer the burden of income?" She said: "What shall I do?" Told him: "Ask for mercy from heaven give you good righteous would be the next world." Asked for mercy and out like a hand from heaven, and gave him one foot from the gold. Saw his wife in her dream, Shatidin righteous eat gold table has three legs, and he will eat for a table of gold has only two legs. He said to her: "Are you comfortable that all the righteous will eat the gold on a table three times, and we eat on a table is missing one leg!" Told him: "Ask for mercy to take it back". We learned: a miracle last more than the first, that we receive that from heaven give the man but not take him back.

who said oil Oidlk, say vinegar Oidlk

once dusk on Friday night saw the house sits and Azvh. Told her: "Why are you sitting Azvh?" He said: "I wanted Logan tool by the end of the oil lamp gave him vinegar and can not burn". Said Rabbi Hanina ben Dosa: "Whoever said Oidlk oil, vinegar Oidlk say. And burning all day until they brought him to light the difference.

changing nature - to testify about the righteousness of the righteous

act Rabbi Hanina Ben Dosa, who had goats. Came and told him, they lose the grain fields. Told them: "If they lose in the fields, bears and wolves would eat them in the fields, and if not, then all the bright and intense evening will bear the rays". And was, in the evening brought every one bear on the rays (Fast כג).

and oath hear Oioshiam

act mortgage of Rabbi Hanina ben Dosa, who was building a house, nor were the beams reach the Western Wall to wall. Come before him and told him: "I built a house, and the beams come to Wall wall. She said: "What's your name" she told him: "quality, prolong your timbers!" Extended beams until her mother came out here and her mother here. Some say the beams themselves Ntarko not only had a little more history, and Rabbi Hanina prayer made these small beams were infected beams of the house, Ontarko starts happening like one. Rabbi Plymouth said, he saw this house, and history out here and her mother's mother here, and told him this house is Shakira Rabbi Hanina ben Dosa prayer.

and soul that made the truth wins

act Onkelos Kalonymus year, Geir himself. The emperor sent him a legion of Romans. When they came for him, from Nablus verses showed them that the world only the one. Went too crowded they had converted themselves. Then he sent another battalion Kesoro him, and told them: "No Lanoklus say anything." Cshahazo brought it went on, he told them Onkelos: "I'll tell you something. It seems that way in the world is singing a torch leads and brings the great minister before him; big leads and Minister brings the torch before the minister he was still bigger than he, to the Minister largest of which is leading the torch before the king himself. " They asked: "Is the king himself led a torch before?" They told him: "No!" Onkelos told them: "But blessed be He, who is king of the whole world, he led the candle before Israel, as it says:" and "went before them by day," etc.. It also went to convert another regiment under him, and told them: "No talk and tell him nothing. Cshahazo him and went with him, see mezuzah on the door. put his hand on her happy. told him: "Why are you happy?" he told them: "His manner of a world - of sitting inside and slaves preserve him from the outside, but God is yes, because his servants sit inside and keep them outside, as it says: 'The preserve - Tzatc arrival. " Ontgiir That battalion. And the emperor did not send him (a stranger k).

Cshtzdik sorry - eliminates patterns

Yochanan ben Zakai when he wants to tell rains Hmglho always says, to stand before the temple and said: 'For Rabbi wants to tell and could suffer, and rain coming down at once.

Rabbi Ada when he wants to pull down meter was locked rainfall. While the second would take the world was flooded with rains (Yerushalmi fasting).

When he died justified, diminishing wealth creation and sorrow

Abbahu When he died, took pages of imperial tears. When he died, Rabbi Yossi, gutters were full of birds blood. When he died, Rabbi Yaakov Bar-old boy, were stars on the day, changed the world for grief. When he died long Assi, uprooted all trees of cedar. When he died, and Rabbi Shmuel Bar Rabbi Isaac girls all the trees. When he died Rabbi Hiyya, stones of fire fell from heaven. When he died, Rabbi Menachem Bar-blinded, split crushed form of photographers face as smooth and shape of the coins by the tool and sliding round the areas of clay wall.

When he died many condolences son of Rabbi Hiya man Acre village, chopped all the shapes that make the King died. When he died, Rabbi Yitzhak Ben Elyashiv, became thieves Nehardea, dug seventy resistance to steal that right had not come thieves. When he died a Hmnona, hail of stones fell from the sky. When he died very multi Joseph, came together brown Perth bridge built on them. When he died great Abbey, approached each other walls of the Tigris. When he died a Msrshia, thorns grew on trees. All of which would show a change came into the world (so little time .).

force justified Lhcrit harmful

multi Old Bar Jacob sent his son Rav Yaakov before Abbey learning there. Then he returned to his home, his father saw him not so severe learning. He said: "I'm better than you, so you sit here, I'll go there to learn". There was one seminary, which was far from the settlement, and there was a bad one when he was going in there even two people could use them on. Hearing Abbey scorcher old boy came to him, told them: "Do not let no one rabbi old boy stay with him. When he sees no place Acsnia, perforce go miles in the study, and a miracle Hsidoto will kill the pest.

old boy entered a house where Len this study, it seems to him like a snake pest has seven heads. And a brother prays for pest, kneeling and squatting squatting all great old boy fell from the harmful one head. The next morning they said a brother: "If not by God to do me a miracle that would endanger me" (Kiddushin as' i)

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