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Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai

Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai sam-6

[Curriculum greatness and holiness of his life the power and strength from Talmud Midrashim holy glow]

Htna Holy Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai was one of the greatest Rabbis conditions and famous ones. He lived in the second generation after the destruction of the temple, and suffering the rest of his generation Mgzrotihm Umrdifotihm representatives of the Roman government in Palestine.

fought the unmistakable - Rabbi Akiva

however, fought the unmistakable Rsb"i was Rabbi Akiva, and from it drew the major wisdom. Rabbi Shimon was one of the seven students have passed the tradition of Rabbi Akiva's Torah, after twenty-four thousand students died in a plague short time between Passover rally, and their names forgotten world of Torah.

those days annihilation catastrophe, Csscnt death threatened every turn, where the soul of Rabbi Shimon entered the forbidden subject, asking Rabbi Akiva learn Torah.

since Heaven on the young student's life, Rabbi Shimon, refused to teach him Torah.

Rabbi Shimon said to him:

"If you're teaching me Torah, I hereby find that my father and he will give you Yochai kingdom.

Rabbi Akiva said to him:

"My son, more than the calf wants to suck, a cow wants to nurse. bright objects I want to transfer you to the study of Torah, but it involves danger to life".

Rabbi Shimon replied:

"If you are already perceived by the Romans wicked, and fear is about the only danger, and I find my mind I am willing to turn to learn more from you.

ears Wall - Harsb"i words sounded Kingdom

Entering Rabbis vineyard at Yavneh (the seminary where they were seated rows smart vineyard vines), there were wild Alaai Rabbi Yehuda, Rabbi Yossi and Rabbi Shimon ben Yohai. Yehuda Ben Grimm (son of lives and Conversion), was also with them.

Open Rabbi Yehuda said:

"How handsome the actions of Roman rulers in the country. buy shocks - planned cities on Rhovotihn including allocated blocks for the establishment of good order markets. fix bridges, fix baths.

Rabbi Yossi was silent, and not reacted to things.

responded Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai said:

"All were silent for the Romans, but do not buy for themselves.

buy markets - for fun. Spas - refine them their bodies. Bridges - passing customs take them. "

Yehuda Ben Grimm, who heard the call wise, the number went to students and relatives. Although he did not willfully hear the royal authorities, but his carelessness led to the rumor it happened on Hshilton overheard Roman. Although Yehuda Ben Grimm Htcwein no harm, is considered bad language story, since life-threatening pens Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai.

cut Romans:

Yehuda coat (praised) - Italh, including greatness will be the first talking everywhere.

Yossi silent - Birdy finds his hometown in the Galilee, and Yasser him go outside the wall.

Shimon Feb. - kill!

Rsb"i son hide from the fear of the enemy

went to Rabbi Shimon buried with his son Rabbi Elazar Beit Midrash.

Eleazar was not even figure in his life were in danger why forced to hide. However, great affection for his father who teaches Torah and the words of God life, brought him to the decision to accompany him throughout the Hsttroto from the Romans.

every day was the wife of Rabbi sender brings them bread pitcher of water, the pan-bread Wah! baptize with water diners themselves. Privately valid decree Romans Brigades were sent to look for a careful search for traces of Rabbi Shimon.

such time, Rabbi Shimon said to his son:

"Eleazar son, saw, women and little minds, and have no firm knowledge that the Romans Itzaro your mother find their hiding place, Let's run the place secret because no one knew."

Peki'in were hidden in a cave. [Location unknown to this day] miracle happened to them, a kind of water due honor to the pure waters Järvi thirst, carob tree created Lmaclm. It was a miracle within a miracle. So naturally the carob fruit does not claim to seventy years from being planted, while in the cave under no conditions given carob fruit immediately, and enjoyed him Rabbi Shimon and his son.

every Friday night was a date tree takes place carob, dates to please credit the Sabbath.

when the daughter of Rabbi Shimon and his son in a cave, be sure to take off their clothes and not spend quickly, and they sat in holes in the cave, and sank all the bodies to their necks in sand for reasons of modesty, and because "I did not see anything you awake." < / p>

all day were busy in the Torah, and only during prayer wearing their clothes because the "lead up to your Gd of Israel." We were praying she was speaking before the King of Kings with the need to prepare for and stand with dignity worthy

Rsb"i learns the mysteries of Torah - Kabbalah

twice each day was the prophet Elijah came to visit them remember better, teach them the sacred Torah hidden secrets.

end thirteen years of their daughter in the cave, Rabbi Shimon was sitting on the cave opening.

see hunting birds spread out to capture Fort birds. The latter scattering seeds to tempt the birds to enter Lmtzodto. Rabbi Shimon watched and saw birds coming into the trap and almost caught it. At that moment the fatal bird closer citadel, Rabbi Shimon heard a voice from heaven declared 'amnesty' (sorry), right roasting bird. And if a daughter would say 'Sfyakila (manslaughter), the bird was hunted.

Rabbi Shimon learned an important lesson this spectacle led by Gd to the cushions, and said:

"If a bird without a verdict from heaven, not hunted; all for people who do not Nokfim finger down to proclaim them in the sky".

Rabbi Pinchas meeting with his son Yair Rsb"i

contact Rabbi Pinhas Ben Yair, the city of Tiberias, and met her Rabbi Shimon and his son. Immense joy mixed with sorrow as he saw the body full of wounds, created the long delay in the sand.

entered three baths of Tiberias, and Rabbi Pinchas corrects the flesh cracked slides of Rabbi Shimon. Having seen this, Rabbi Pinchas cried tears fell on the body of Rabbi Shimon, salinity which hurt him burned flesh.

Rabbi Pinchas told him: "Oh I saw you this!"

replied: "Happy Have you seen it!" Have you seen that might otherwise not, carrying on my body the marks of the agony of the cave, did not find me the wisdom of Torah is so deep and wide. "

Initially, Mashrabiya Simon was hard difficulty, excuse him Rabbi Pinchas twelve excuses. But after sitting in a cave, Mashrabiya Pinchas hard difficulty, was Rabbi Shimon agrees and twenty-four excuses.

Rsb"i ceremony tips benefit the people

Rabbi Shimon concern that a miracle will rescue Decoupage Emperor minority rights, as anyone who made a miracle deduct his rights, therefore, sought to benefit the people not to get a prize. That if a single person to others, which measure him from heaven.

Rabbi Shimon said to his son: "We did a big favor city of Tiberias, we found satisfaction Medicine Bmainotih, let's fix something in the city for its inhabitants for fun.

they did Rabbi Shimon Aitlis selling cheap meat,

obsessed friends

Destroy the final decree, Cshutr people of Israel to engage in Torah, Rabbis Lausha Ntcnso. These are: Rabbi Yehuda, Rabbi Nehemiah, Rabbi Meir, Rabbi Yossi, Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, Rabbi Elazar son of Rabbi Yossi the Galilean Rabbi Eliezer ben Jacob.

wise to read the elders sent the Galilee, and told them: anyone who learned Torah all consumed - will teach others; and those not yet had time to learn - come to us Onlmdm theory name.

gathered the locals came in droves to hear from the wise words of Torah, and taught them the words of God lives, ways of life and morals.

sages of Israel when they asked to leave the city, wanted to delegate the generous blessing of their hosts. First paid their respects to Rabbi Yehuda, who was a resident Aosha, and gave him the floor.

Open Judah, and spoke Bsbhm of guests who turn enhance Lausha increase:

tit for tat

entered Rabbi Nehemiah said:

"The Torah says: 'No Import Amona drawers Jay ... the crowd which was not preceded you bread and water on Btzatcm Egypt. There are live from Moab, Ammon and buildings, because to leave Israel out of Egypt not Kdmom Hmuebim Ammonites in eating and drinking. And yet that Israel is not missing anything from them descended from heaven, and Lara's rolled up with them, however would be Lmuebim Ammonites in religion politeness and good manners, and promote the following way in eating and drinking. "

"now" - turned to Rabbi Nehemiah for Aosha - "You, the Rabbis Skdmtm eating and drinking Mncsichm Ohhnitm them, the more so by God to pay you good wages on Folichm!"

entered Rabbi Yossi demanded

verse "Aaron Jay sat a working man Gati". Arun testimony spent three months at home, and respects before the coffin would lie in a clean place, morning and night lit a candle in front of him, knee wages that blessed him that he was born a period of sixty-two persons.

"you" - contact Rabbi Yossi hosts - "Dear brothers, you have given us eat and drink Mncsichm, the more so by God to pay large salaries respect.

came Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai and demanded

verse "And Elisha day pass to the capital and maintain a large woman eat bread."

said is right justified in a resurrection that contributes to that season. Aggregate woman by fed Elijah, was built resurrected. And their language, by feeding the Elisha, she saw her son's life Bthito prophet Habakkuk.

here turned to the place of Rabbi Shimon said kindly:

"you people Aosha, benefactor, the more so dreary Sscrcm be paid handsomely."

sages of Israel prefer to send the usual miracles Rsb"i

conviction once a Roman kingdom cut patterns on Israel, not to keep the Sabbath, not Shimol the boys not keep family purity.

Rumi lived in a wealthy scholar close to the kingdom and Rabbi Reuven Ben Astrovli name. On the advice of wise egged, changed clothes and Rabbi Reuven nations clothes, shaved his gate on his forehead leaving behind a strand of hair like a mop, as Tsfortm stars workers. Did it not recognize him who is Jewish, maybe this way he could undo the patterns of conversion.

Rabbi Reuven freedom went wrong in every respect, and sat with the great kingdom of Rome. Elm in conversation:

"person who has an enemy, whether he wanted hates enrich or שישאר humble?"

Hshibohu: "Certainly so to speak."

told them: "If so, you should not Jews work on Shabbat, because each day brings them more money and more money. better than sitting their work Saturday, and thereby met.

Hutbo words to them, saying to one another:

"should and should cancel the decree about the Sabbath!"

returned Rabbi Reuven pressing ahead:

"Whoever has hate, will help him get well wishes or deny its power?"

told him: "We must do everything to hate will remain weak and tired."

claimed them: "If so, why not allow Jews to circumcise their sons for eight days, then by circumcision, they weaken.

agreed, he said, Take this sector also.

Elm Rabbi Reuven third time:

"who has an enemy, what wishes - or Shitmat will breed hate?"

Hshibohu: "He should probably worry Lhtmatoto.

told them: "If so, you should worry the Jews will be saved to your benefit entirely from their families, and will Oitmato.

words straight in their eyes, stood Take the three sectors.

later learned that the Romans, the counselor, who advises them seem to favor, was none other than a representative of Jews, the cuts were news harder and more intense.

discussed among the sages of Israel, who will send Roman sectors they try to undo the foundations of the existence of the Israeli nation.

said: go Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, who is a scholar in miracles, and to this day many miracles had happened to him wonderful, created a kind of carob tree during his stay in the cave. Him hang Eleazar son of Rabbi Yossi.

when Ridtm ship to go to the Roman emperor, had the opportunity before them demon named Ben Tmlion. Said:

"you want me to come with you?"

cried Rabbi Shimon said:

"Hagar the handmaid of Abraham, the opportunity had three angels one by one, and I did not even one angel! Well, the miracle will come, however, come with us".

Tmlion Ben told them: "I'll sooner I was the emperor's body will go crazy, to raise her doctors filled long. Then you come and tell me 'Get out'. I will give you a sign, I've found break all the glass Emperor's house. "

agreed Rabbi Shimon things, and soon word spread in Rome Saturday Emperor Nstbsh her mind, she seeks to bring before the smart Jews, Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai.

slaves raided a Roman Emperor around town in search of Rabbi Shimon. When found him entrance to the Imperial Palace with great respect. Rabbi Shimon leaned and whispered in my ear crazy daughter:

"Ben Tmlion Quit! Ben Tmlion Quit!"

Rabbi Shimon was careful to say the words in a whisper, not to feel it with others, Oisbro that by saving a prayer follow the emperor.

on the site get a breast body of the Emperor, both human creation.

Emperor, crowed about his medicine, contact Rabbi Shimon Rabbi Elazar Barbie Yossi said:

"Ask you what you ask things!"

Hcnisom servants Treasury Ginzei King Emperor, and gave them permission to take what their hearts desired.

However, Rabbi Shimon and Rabbi Elazar not contacted precious treasures shining brightly, but look for patterns of conversion. Find them the letter signed three decrees, taken and torn to shreds.

generation scholars appreciate Rsb"i

scholars generation respect and appreciation to Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, and spoken about him:

Rabbi Yossi Rabbi Shimon called the Bible that: "articulation present things difficult answers. that is, should he kiss. and when someone says things very right, then the audience around him launching their lips together in silence, because they do not know what answer.

Rabbi Yohanan Ben Elazar told the name of Rabbi Shimon Ben Rabbi Yossi Ben Lkonia: "He should see Yochai, Rabbi Shimon count on him in absentia".

multi Ada Bar Love said: "Rabbi Shimon rest him softly on his head."

Raba said: "Every woman who gives birth will ask for mercy, will be having her son Rabbi Shimon".

though he would say:

If you see people Sntiaso hands from the Torah, which strengthened page you paid them.

what's the point? "Pro Tortc - time to do me?".

Rsb"i rich affects those who wanted it but ....

one disciple of Rabbi sender went abroad and returned home Bharoohh led the way rich.

students of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, who were dirt poor and livelihood sandwiched, saw him Ontknao wealth, until they finished their mind to go abroad.

learned that the Holy Spirit Rabbi Shimon, took his students to the Jordan Valley near Meron, stood and prayed:

"Baka Baka, filled with gold dinar!"

valley immediately began to fill with students before the dinar. Everything began to gather. Rabbi Shimon said to them:

"If you want gold, the gold before you, take you! but realize that anyone who takes now takes part in the next world, there is no reward but the Torah world. Oh, 'and play the last day' ". [Write books intentions Rsb"i was just rich and not object to those who wish to be full quite satisfied]

Creator gives power to cancel righteous decrees bad

philosopher World nations come at Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, said:

"You say Shalokichm controls every rum sky, and all classes Brigades angels do not get and do not know his place. However, Jeremiah Nbiacm not increased respect for the name, saying: 'that all nations and scholars Mllachotm where you', What similarity between Alokichm people who do not have to exist? "

added philosopher Gentile said:

"And, you say not to bring up another in Moshe. Israel does not get up, but got Balaam nations of the world of evil. I'll explain on the basis that the verse Jeremiah, that all the sages of the Gentiles is not the same, but scholars Israel has likewise. If so, God have Israel scholars like him, God forbid, God is not supreme ruler. please Rabbi Shimon, looking at the verse where it deems necessary Dyke.

Rabbi Shimon replied:

"Certainly well said! but the verse came to tell by examining the righteous, cut my article accordingly blessed he has desire.

who living dead? - Just blessed be He alone! Elijah the Prophet and the Beast comes the aggregate year, and Elisha the son Shunammite animal.

who reduces rainfall? - Just blessed be He alone! Elijah came and stopped them, then Horidm prayer.

who created heaven and earth? - Just blessed be He alone! Came to Joshua and carrots and set it to stand on standing up. As they say: "The sun and moon stood beside them.

blessed be He cuts sentence, Moses also cut a sentence take place.

etc., Creator cutting patterns, justify Israel cancel them. As they say: "God's righteous governor of awe." Furthermore, he command them to follow him just simulate all, giving them the power and ability to do as he pleased. That is, that all nations and scholars Mllachotm where you ', that the righteous Gentiles smart adhesives blessed way he can cut areas where you bum. "

involved things ears of the philosopher, went to the village recovered, and called his name Yossi Ntgiir Little. Learn Torah lot until it became the wise righteous place.

Rsb"i will do

One day Rabbi Shimon went and saw the world dark and its light and dark end. Rabbi Elazar said:

"Let's see what he wants blessed."

angel went and found one that resembles a large mountain, thirty flames of fire coming out of his mouth.

Rabbi Shimon asked: "What do you want to do?"

tormentor: "I want to destroy the world, because there are thirty-righteous generation. that sentence is the Holy One, blessed Abraham, and Abraham were to be ',' will 'Bgimtrie thirty".

Rabbi Shimon said to him: "Please, you have blessed before he tell him, that" Dr. Yohai is the world. "

angel went before the Creator, saying:

"well known to you what he told me Bar Yochai."

Gd replied: "Go to the Sword of the world, and watch him at the bar Yochai."

when, see Rabbi Shimon the angel said to him:

"If you do not go to your place, you should not Gozrni will enter heaven, and will be instead of Aza Oazal. and stand before blessed be He, said to him: If thirty righteous world, will be twenty. that says, 'No Ashachit for the twentieth. if not twenty, will be ten. write: 'No Ashachit for teens. if not ten, will be years, and they I. that is written:' over the years have witnessed a universe thing. and 'nothing' but a world , said: " 'were put on Jay. And if not years, the one I have is, it says: 'sides' fundamental K. world'".

same time came a voice from heaven saying:

"Blessed share, Rabbi Shimon, blessed be He cut up, and you eliminate down. you say:" Huey will do ".

Rsb"i stop epidemics

Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai was the city of Lod, he learned something heavy storm and many people in their lives Kfho pens. Approached the city's Jews cry:

"fight, what do we do this trouble?"

turned Rabbi Shimon in the city, and saw people inflated their soul. Said: "All this city and I'm here! Gozrni Sttbtl figure!"

immediately left a voice announced:

"pests, go from town! that Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai in the city, and though by God to cut, then Rabbi Shimon cancel!"

immediately idle passage plague the sector.

was Rabbi Hanina, who admired the greatness of Rabbi Shimon, this book went to Rabbi Meir.

Rabbi Meir said:

"praise of Rabbi Shimon, who could stand it if he was not Moses peace be upon him."

Open Rabbi Meir said:

"After the controversy of Korah his community, an epidemic broke out among the people of Israel. commanded Moses to take Aaron protested, fire and taken to her and put incense altar, go to the people to atone for them. Aaron the priest did as ordered, ran into the crowd with incense, and stand among the dead and the living stop the plague. All this had to bother him to Moses, while Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai only eliminates the figure of speech, blessed be He cuts and eliminate the plague. "

Rsb"i cuts blessed he has

Rabbi Shimon was sitting at the entrance gates of the city of Lod, raised his eyes and saw the sun shining in full force. Suddenly Ntamam Ora three times, until all light darkness, looking black and green colors in the sun.

Rabbi Shimon turned to his son Rabbi Elazar:

"Son, follow me and that probably was derived from the figure above, blessed ask Lhudiani. thirty days depending on what doomed the top, and blessed be doing to announcing the righteous. and it says: 'that would not do the God thing, because if Discover the secret to his servants the prophets ".

began walking into vineyard, there saw a large snake came running up, mouth open and hot dirt country. Rabbi Shimon shook hands and slapped on the head of the snake. While Snake lowers his mouth, he saw Rabbi Shimon tongue skillet.

told him:

"Acnai Acnai, you supposed to guess the top, Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai in the world!"

snake bowed his head into one hole with soil, then added Rabbi Shimon:

"Gozrni, lower than the snake returned to puncture the soil, the top back into place!"

Rabbi Shimon and his son carried a passionate prayer to the Creator, and while their lips sizzling pleading prayer, they heard the voice of the announcer saying:

"in charge of the sectors where you enter, beatings terrorists are not lines in the world, that Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai bum. Happy Rabbi Shimon, Srbonc object Bikrc than any of the world. Moses said, will begin Moses' , therefore I held sick. And you, Rabbi Shimon cuts by God to exist, He cuts you cancel! "

immediately see where Rabbi Shimon sun shine as before, the black and decent prisons was passed. Said:

"must have Ntmtko laws in the world."

entered his house and demanded: "that the righteous justifications liked Jay, straight Ihazo inside.

Rsb"i Hmfris proves that charity does not lose money

New Year's night saw Rabbi Shimon Bar Yohai in his dream, that his sister will demand pay kingdom six hundred dinars.

turned to Rabbi Shimon, appointing them Gabay charity. He was asked:

"Who will fund the cash distribution to the poor?"

told them: "Pay all your pocket, specify any expense particular book. At the end of the year will review the bill, and if lost Mmmoncm, will compensate you with full compensation."

responded to people according to Rabbi Shimon, and during that year shared generously coins to the poor.

informed them at the end of the year in the kingdom they Msthrim silk, which is forbidden by the authorities. As a tip-off at Asrum Ohbsum forbidden.

come to one of the Authority proposal:

"if you will escape punishment, standing before you two choices: make an important garment king, or pay a fine of six hundred dinars!"

Rabbi Shimon heard about the matter, came to visit them in prison. Elm: "Dear brothers, a few hours removed this year to the poor?"

told him: "That book you ..."

Rabbi Shimon checked the account and found they shared impoverished six hundred dinars at least six dinars. They said:

"Give me six dinars Mmatzrcm'll release you."

made it difficult for him: "If King envoy demanded of us six hundred dinars, and how are you satisfied with six dinars?"

Hshibm: "What you care to give only six dinars?"

Vatzna stood and gave him six dinars. Rabbi Shimon went and bribed them with the messenger, not the king Idoh about the matter.

release them as free, asked Rabbi Shimon:

"Did you know that we regret it come?"

told them: 'Come on, I knew already the New Year have to pay this amount in the kingdom. So I listed you Gabay charity. I said, better not let Mmoncm dirt poor than the kingdom. now missing six dinars into account, we had to be paid the Kingdom " .

told him wonder: "Why did not you tell us what it is, and we also give these six dinars to the poor?"

explained Rabbi Shimon:

"I would gladly give your money to the poor, yet refrained from revealing to you about the sector, according to a charity that I wanted to utilize your right to heaven, and not for another face."

Rsb"i order infertility

lived in Sidon Jewish couple, who passed them from their marriage ten years consternation hearts were not Lhifkd semen of sustainable. Came before Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai asked to leave.

told them:

"I have one request to you and you refuse me, as it bore her from eating and drinking, then eating part with Ldrcichm of drinks!"

couple obeyed faithfully according to Rabbi Shimon, conducted a respectable meal, her poor scholars were invited. During dinner guests quality food at a feast their hearts, husband and wife watered the drink much.

kind husband with wine, he told her:

"My wife, a mirror every good thing I have at home, Talley him and go to your father."

waiting and seeing that the woman fell asleep on her husband ordered the slaves endured Bmtto to her father.

latter half of the night shaking off sleep and since expired We would watch and found himself instead.

turned the question to his wife: "My home, where I am in?"

"my father's house" - she replied.

"What my father home?" - Claimed her.


"Have not you said to me last night, every good thing that Tali him go home to your father?! Well, I have no better thing than you!"

returned from Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, something that happened to him.

Bookstore Rabbi Shimon the love that exists between the couple was missing and asked them for mercy.

study concludes: teach the righteous terrorist. What the holy blessed order infertility, even righteous frequent infertility.

hills things to mention: What if a human (woman), the said flesh (the husband) is like 'I have no good thing from you, absent; Israel, waiting for salvation is blessed every day, and say 'We have no good thing in the world but you, because you're our father, the more so Yigal. This is the verse saying "you will be happy to Hava Nagila."

Lrsb"i secrets of the Torah were not revealed even angels

to Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai from the cave, gave him permission to reveal mysteries of Torah students best. He and friends were sitting outdoors and bars the holy verses Tortino reception secret way. By Rabbi Shimon Ntalo also students, and nothing from them secrets Ntcsh top Vabitm them clearly as if at the time given on Mount Sinai.

Rabbi Shimon revealed the mysteries of the Torah to his disciples, and they Mklsim him saying:

"Blessed is the man God agrees with him to discover hidden secrets, revealed that even the holy angels."

Another expressed themselves: no world authority to interpret things in secret, but Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, blessed be He agreed to hand! "

also, Rabbi Shimon, not held good for himself, and before his departure he said to his disciples:

"well known before the Holy One, blessed is not for me nor for the father did it reveal mysteries of Torah, but to keep going in shame before they could. and that I saw by God to the righteous and truth are here, all agreed by the reveal, because I saw everyone happy joy mine ".

Rsb"i surrounded by the partition of fire

many great she went to study Torah from with sub. Arriving at Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai see a screen of fire buffer between parts of the house, and Rabbi Shimon and friends sitting in front of the screen.

puzzled many she said, "Etta ears and hear the Torah taught across the screen.

that sat two days not eating and drinking, adherence to petition Gd did not notice whether day or night.

later she came and told many things before Rabbi Yehuda President, very puzzled at Gdlotm of Rabbi Shimon and his son Eleazar.

his father told him Shimon ben Gamliel:

"You know son, Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai and his son Rabbi Elazar are heroes in the Torah like lions. and Rabbi Shimon like other lions, he said: 'roaring lion who would not look. What if the worlds up shocked him, we all the more so! He sentenced the man who never live up to what he asked and asked, but he cuts he has blessed, blessed be He cuts and cancel .

Rsb"i eyes all Israel Meir Torah secrets mysteries reception

members of his band of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai sat engaged secrets Jacob died and left language. Said Rabbi Hezekiah:

"One secret I learned about it, but fear I find out!"

stood Rabbi father, pushed and said:

"Rabbi Hezekiah, say your piece and do not be afraid to talk openly, that during the life of Torah, Rabbi Shimon secrets are exposed, and fear and avoid Mlaumrm.

Rabbi father testified, the days of Rabbi Shimon the love of spirit and soul prevailed among all members. Thus were the same generation were mysteries of the Torah publicly. So was Rabbi Shimon said to his disciples:

"friends who love each other, God forbid, not make themselves go straight. except that impair the Holy Bible, because it has fraternal love and truth."

Rsb"i ensuring future generations a world

sages of Israel were Rsb"i's link-up that would turn and finished Ststch with shaking exile from Israel was against them boldly claimed Rsb"i Tstch not Torah from Israel said "some Y. to < strong> a Tsc H. muff Y. seed and " The wonderful thing is that the boxes at the end of this verse suggested word Yochai. Accepted by the world that is why Israel to practice with the sons of Zion Harsb"i when Hthilm study the Torah and ask him to apply his blessing

theory Harsb"i Holy Zohar generator ישועות

Warn book is the highlight theory Harsb"i ten students connected with buried secrets in superior creation of the world especially the Creator. glow that brought the Holy Prophet Elijah said that by learning Lrsb"i this book out of Israel from exile [if force schools to Warn of Israel reveal the general alone can save anyone from exile Otzrto private] and known words of Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto that there is nothing like the Zohar from Israel to quiet indictment

Lag Harsb"i spree - Tomb Harsb"i

acceptable generations that on Lag Harsb"i up the soul of the upper world. Holy glow describes departure day. Warn Saint writes that circled the fire and his disciples before his death Rsb"i size of the discovery of the sacred secrets of superior. So determined his death day holiday for the people of Israel that on this day revealed secrets of the Torah were not before. On this day hundreds of thousands of people visit the country to protest the Holy grade " to. Special gifts known to this day based on what the Holy Ari wrote that every year on the death of the righteous soul rises higher level Oa"c very well fall flat on the grave of the righteous that day. Tzaddikim Others said that this day with the righteous moral wedding day and most righteous joy from Jesus. [who is far away place can mention his name by a messenger arrives to mark Holy]

Rsb"i said of himself, I can dismiss the whole world law degree

force this statement because the facts of miracles Jesuit whose life we connect Lrsb"i saved by Gd saying great Sages Sages of blessed memories Bmittm more Mbhiihm

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