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18267 What is prayer and why it works

Creator Does not know the needs of the person he needs to health. Landed. Livelihood. So what good is prayer?


prayer is an expression that the person knows that the Creator blessed Creator and faith can help him even though no cases of human help. He pours his heart to him to help him. And because the person had reached a point further depth of faith so the name of culture and rights more worthy of salvation

Furthermore Creator designed the world in such a way that even if the sky a good cut man if he does not pray that it will not get good Bslimoth. An example of this we see the holy Maimotino Leah and Rachel. Leah knew that the sky is doomed to marry older brother Esau that he and her younger sister Rachel to Jacob that he should marry young. And crying and praying not to fall by Esau whose actions derogate smooth base and future Marry younger sister with a warm and righteous Jacob contrast her sister Rachel never prayed that he was assured would marry Jacob. Having carried both Jacob told God that she was tortured and hate crying and praying acts done before. Law that away from him righteous, I am giving her sons get sick, however, Rachel was barren for many years

did was our time man did all the virtues and saved only after praying

even if all the qualities should a person in the world still is to pray

as I heard about one coming before the fight to ask him to give him a purple Livelihood spacing, on the pretext that his mouth with poverty do not live his life and asks to die with the pressure that stress repress him various creditors and debt, advised him to fight, he gets himself to strictly than ten funds, according to the words of the sages (Shabbat Kit.) demanded the verse (Deuteronomy hand) ten rich, ten for will be rich, the rich purple ten funds, counsel argued that there is trust, retirement money ten best of all spacing he,

And much later saw still had no relief, and that is still rolling debt Cbrasona, running from the madness that one Gemach another desperate loan request or Lharooht saving time to meet quota obligations Olforam at the time . and lasted a day salvation from him, and show that no one assistant who has no lean, already tried all the advice and sound quality and no response,

Fort grabbed him and take the art of his ancestors in his Psalms, spill interlocutor who he said was the world, begging mercy in his heart to spare him Oiotziano overshadowed Laura, will provide a livelihood spacing, which will have no gift to the flesh and to Hlwatm, and always by a few days until he turned the wheel and started to earn quite satisfied well paid and respected,

eventually had his back all his debts and became of him on horseback very good wheel . And when his friend turned to him later about whether it really true what they say that money is the secretion of ten large rich purple and from rich? They answered him real money is probably ten big purple, but it should be peppered with a few Psalms and wholeheartedly, with everything that needs prayer, even if all the qualities should a person in the world yet he has a prayer.

nations of the world also recognize the power of prayer with Israel

with Israel has a special force close to the Creator hear prayer in particular as it says Btortino holy "who had great nation of God which is so close to him, Elkin each Kraino him." known story presented in a rich Jerusalem Talmud that Doug would be enough drinking water for immigrants to the Temple once happened to stop rain went and bought the wrong twelve cisterns to pay him twelve cisterns and set a date if this date is not Ifra twelve pits full of water had to pay him twelve talents of silver worth a fortune When the Repayment day morning sent him a gentile messenger Shifra Jews answered him still today a few hours and all the goy envoy sent to demand a peaceful and safe pharaohs Jew today that a Creator would send help right before sunset. Pronunciation is so far laughing all year was no chance of that now form rains and sunset stood Jewish prayed his heart's walls so that rain was indeed a blessing rains filled the pits delight with Israel.

When we look at the story seems a strange thing here. Why demanded the Jew Gentile immediately on the morning of the day knew that the time of repayment is at sunset, but they said that our sages of blessed memories also knew that the pronunciation of Jewish prayer is the work ישועות so he tried to bother him all day would not have had time to pray

the way it is written that the Jewish holy books were in Egypt and the Egyptians thousands of years ago his employer to work hard without a break. They also had this goal that the people of Israel will be a time though so no one will pray for their redemption and put the Creator thought the heart of Pharaoh king of Egypt to burden them work more size inevitably shout Lhbora world of grief and come to salvation and was

Yes We find in the Talmud [Tractate fasting] because in Hamora Rav Zeira cut cutting Gentiles on the Jews and put them guards who will pray that the Gentiles know that Israel has enormous power in his mouth Well well well we know our troops use it May the words of David maintained his wide mouth Oamlahu King Creator says the people of Israel ask me the questions your heart and fill your will

all my flows my way Why do I need to pray?

an answer to this lies in the Talmud tractate Shabbat

never ask a pity not to get sick, that gets even mild illnesses - say to him: the next right and if the disease worsened and Peter - May seemed to him like foliage gallows bayonet; that rising gallows spear, if he has Frklitin large -- exploitation, and if not - not exploitation.

late learned words of our sages that the person should not rely on power will continue to persist in good condition without pray about it. It was like a man who inherited a large sum of money you can make a living for several years without having to toil for a living as a result He turns and hands embrace buying anything that sees and hears. Bbbti spends his hotel in good fun ironing credit card without interruption on account of the Baron. not notice to check the account status may be running out of money and soon he will stay and lack of all naked and without any source of support and worst from his habit of extravagance fulfill his ambitions without any limits.

not fair on the bank manager call him my friend and tell him your account deficit is already large. Please come immediately to remove the debt. Someone above gets the gospel of Job out of the blue feels hopeless and helpless where I will have bread for the next day and the debt settlement talks have no professionals and no source of income and even if I start now to look for it high unemployment and no chance of finding a job immediately as well Not every profession is right for me and if it suits me a meager salary narrow enough bread and water pressure. He torments his soul how I did not notice to look assured me that eternal inheritance. I should take advantage of the years of fullness that will establish a business fortune could continue to live at life high living for those years and almost worked. He missed the train. Now in this situation to establish a business that is rolling funds to obtain huge loans that the bank would be a serious partner and high risks.

referent person is sometimes just a fat sky Mtibim with him for a good deed he did or his parents or elders but the person must know treasury can be completed either by investing in the right place if not by damage from the outside who do not would think if troubled by the disease and could benefit from resting to buy or Full House Boys Simerro the soul and feel good to eat again. So the educated person prays to the Creator on a permanent or requests from the Torah and rabbis to persist in praying for all his needs to the Creator persist in the interests him and if God forbid this man too lazy to read sorrow and loss damage or illness then came to pray that he should already large as it says in the Talmud rights following a right and get rid

whether prayer helps, too, according to nature there is no chance

Our sages of blessed memory told us that the power in prayer to save even if naturally ceased all odds. that the specificity prayer is a very large nature to save even unnatural. especially if the service goes out of pure [Mhars"a No. Kiddushin] published an article Sages of blessed memories, even a sharp sword on the neck of a person to give up the pity.

write lines was to hear a terrible story from the owner act symbolizing the truth of things. And told the man himself a Holocaust refugee, I crossed my most of my family and I myself was already hanging by a noose Damn Nazis in memory but I prayed to the Creator to save me and hung my confidence as well as those critical moments I was close to death must have heard my prayer name . Suddenly emerged from the company commander shouted to the executioner to take me back the noose and was saved by the grace of the name I established generations glory. And every year it would make a Jewish feast of thanksgiving and Gd this story to hear that many people will succeed because there is no hindrance to devastate Mlhushia we must pray and trust him

Alter and wrote a book in my life [one of the greatest living first eight hundred years ago] that the power of prayer is very large and can change the nature, adding that the cause of the troubles and difficulties is spent on men are to pray that God misses the sound Prayer for children

heartfelt prayer deliberately

Talmud tractate Rosh Hashanah tells of two people doomed to the gallows because that offense. No one survived the other survived. The Talmud asks why? The excuse is that it escaped no other purpose prayed prayed thus deliberately hung. The lesson derived from the story that the person should deepen his mind because he has tremendous power prayer can save himself and his family much trouble and its burdens provided pray wholeheartedly

virtue Harsb"i force crying

holy glow written that if the person pray and cry tears of a third to work not to express the words of prayer with the lips with weeping assured he receive prayer

and wrote Rabbi Jonathan Eybeschutz forest honey and his book Blessed tongue who prays tears broken heart broken, that will not come back empty, and what Nbth diaspora and what will protect us, if not superstition and a request from the walls of the heart, etc.. If a person prays then intentionally crying tear up all the superstitions of several years which gathered around him, because there are loose without her, and now by the superstition that they cost up to the house,

why pray salvation cases delayed or did not arrive

first source many prayers repeated sleep on a certain salvation we find that Isaac Btortino Holy Father petition in prayer to the Creator will save them sterile progeny as it says "yielding Yitzhak name" write Midrash shedding Prayers wealth fable like Slashir have much money, he was rich in prayers and prayer did indeed give up fruits of sustainable seed saved

written holy books cause trouble not only prayer is a prayer cause trouble targeting Creator brings the grim situation that the person the Creator wants to hear a prayer

Midrash on the verse says "Hope to strong name your heart hope to adopt the name" Top of hope and an hour will give you the holy books that explained the reason for delay when the effect of prayer that never top the underworld is through countless worlds and the world discuss again whether this person deserves the best and pray a prayer that the person is off the increasingly influential until he should receive each type of permanent abundance Creator several worlds she has to move on so do not give up and pray again and again. Talmud Sages of blessed memory counters the prayer of the four things that should always strengthen the power and most importantly not lose heart

not give up

waited forty years mating married early and bore him twin children age 71

genuine original story happened in Kislev Ts"a 09 \ 11 in Bnei Brak

fact reinforces the faith before us hope not to give up the prayer even if decades have passed and Nanitm still have a good chance you will be saved

lives in Bnei Brak innocent Jews being at thirty already divorced twice. No children. This man waited expectantly, hoping to find a match lasting saved seed of many prayed for salvation and not won. Matthias man did not even have to forty years he was divorced. Approaching seventy Find pairing. Woman around the age of fifty and his wife age 71 age 52 male twins were born to them the story seems detached from reality but is real [the information stored in a person's exact address of residence] and published all over town and now we post it to the world hoping to strengthen weak hands and Jesus name instantly Eye

Are there special places where the service you receive or received anywhere

prayer can be made from anywhere. Still some places because of the sanctity of holy place of prayer closer to acceptance. Such as the Temple. Our time are the temple destroyed churches and houses of prayer sermons place where you receive the most. Cmo"c graves of the righteous that they are among the defense attorney with Israel Creator

Are there special prayer times or any time you receive prayer

prayers we set our sages of blessed memories Shacharit Mincha and Arabic have a fixed time. However private prayers they have a fixed time every time a person wants to pray with his authority. But there are times more capable in times of prayer will be accepted after midnight and by morning and pray that when the public power so many very helpful for prayer. Cmo"c are special times of the year cycle a month of Elul Ten Days of Repentance. Israel dates dates miracles the people of Israel occurred in the past days, then resume virtue miracles today passed today furnace

Is every person's prayer or just receive a righteous

King David says in Psalms A"h close name to call on all who read really so when a person in trouble and prayer from the depths of his heart walls has a big chance that the prayer would be acceptable if it gets the better of his actions did not lock him during this prayer Exchange If you wake up and cry tears Lbcih third of prayer before the Creator will be close to salvation but our sages of blessed memory goes no locked gates of tears

still righteous scholars prayer has special gifts force due purely careful antiseptic language sanctity sanctity of the Torah become sanctified close accepted world practice and thus seek the righteous scholars Shiatiro them good greeting

prayer of babies of soft Raban (children)

Talmud that prayer brought the babies of Raban they have the greatest power to rip the harsh sentence on the condemned individual and the world as it says in Psalms from infants and mammals founded Oz disable an enemy worse reason for this that the children They are clean and pure from all defilement of sin and therefore is not the same breath that has sinned breath without sin

exemplary tale of our size and strength from the prayers of the babies Raban

home of Rabbi Chaim Jewish Knivsky Shlita arrived with seven-year-old child, and asked the rabbi to hear his story.'s child, one who studies the Talmud Torah Bnei - Barak, applies to "the disease known. At one point, when it was clear to begin radiation treatments, told parents their child, following the treatments that he should go, drop out all the hair from his head.

first child was not so scared, but soon thought, burst into tears, and told his parents: "on the cover of the head do not care, but how do I continue to be called" Jewish boy "with no wigs?!. .. and wept bitterly. But wigs ?!... "

child, so the father went on to tell Rabbi Chaim Knivsky, he turned to the wall, and turned to God in prayer excited: merciful Father, I am sure that what you do with me - the better you do. I'm sure. Who does not feel sorry for me than you. So I always told Mom and Dad. So I totally love getting the disease you brought me, and ready access harsh treatment of heart, because I am sure that there not leave me and Ttsni. You'll be with me always save me.

I'm willing to sacrifice the USD - Home, despite having a terrible shame that. All I'm ready. All. Just everything. But wigs ?!... And the child burst into tears as hell. Wigs ?!--- How do I give them ?!--- It is a shape of a Jewish boy! --- I want to be like !---

I beg beg you, my father, Father God, leave me at least the Euro wigs! Wigs do not fall out during radiation!

child that prayed for a long time, and we parents stood on the side, and cried with him, several rabbi father.

here, he points to the child, the miracle - this incredible happened! I brought the boy here to see the rabbi himself, the great miracle God did to him, the uterus father about his son, listening prayer out of pure heart. And all the child's hair fell, and the wigs were replaced Cbrasona!

father told the doctors that excitement believe their eyes, and remember their case only the "propriety" did not fall. Rabbi excited at the story, and called for his prayer was to be seen how deeply the child. You receive the heavens.

whether a person's prayer to another useful source of blessings and righteous


Btortino often we see leaders prayed for others. Moses prayed for the people of Israel went into exile Cmo"c prayed for Pharaoh Russia beating him. Cmo"c prayed to the Creator with Israel will provide them food and drink in the desert. They also prayed a lot during Amalek so on. Creator heard prayer. Furthermore, our sages of blessed memories we have found very nice person before the Creator blessed to pray for salvation of others praying for all who said he accepted the first link-up.

Cmo"c we find the concept of righteous blessings. Yitzchak Avinu bless Jacob and Esau. Jacob blessed Ephraim and Menashe. Moses blessed the people of Israel before his death.

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