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Lift soul


lift soul

What to do things that lift the soul and is there a meaningful actions?

Answer - If you go out from time to time on the tomb Yakircm mean inside your heart there is a profound recognition that the person has an advantage of the animal body and that my life were finished over the soul still continues to live with dignity and go to the grave to pray. And because the soul is something non-physical senses is perceived that the spiritual is therefore also the place where it is not limited in its place everywhere pray or learn and do acts of kindness lift her soul helpful respirator.

Is the soul seeks lift operations and expects to do or what actions they took as a side bonus


books of Kabbalah Sages said that like the human body needs food every day and if it passes a day without food and drink is very sorry and exhausted that Mzvino (Example) Kippur fasting and because if the person is in the desert and had no food and drink Some days he goes starving and thirsty and describe Heisorin size of such death of Iisorin. The real situation of the world's top soul if the soul is not prepared food provisions enough in this world that is being Torah commandments and acts of kindness she suffers from a hunger that can not describe the size of sorrow.

And though this world any grief over it at all. Nothing is eternal in the end both ways A that time does not end at the very feeling of hunger is much more unfortunate in this world that hunger is spiritual sorrow. An example of this man is beaten even if she is physically very painful it does not get promoted mental pain of losing a close relative. Psychological pain reason is more spiritual and therefore more painful. If so when we want to describe the sorrow of the soul's hunger in the world in which we look at the top well we succeed in knowing that he was very serious

and forever when a person goes on a trip of a month where there was nothing I could in the wrong place is equipped very much food that would starve alone in the upper end of that time. Where everything is eternal. Certainly he needs to obtain many commandments and good deeds to his soul food will not end hunger Motel.

True if the offspring have Torah and the commandments and acts of kindness they cause elevation of soul satisfaction to their parents and grandparents but if offspring do not do same because they have learned or at least they should be to ensure that others will learn to pray and say Kaddish for lift soul of their parents and they must respect that the team must master if imagine that their parents lay before them and beg for their lives give them a piece of bread to revive the spiritual lives starving usual books of Torah Sages all words the Holy Spirit knows that there is no Gozma that the dead are helpless and living hand to save them Olhhiotm it also undertakes the Gratitude that parents have given their lives for the benefit of Monmouth fortunes from their loins even if the deceased was a great man and animal is small. longer than anyone said Smart Dog lived better than the dead lion "

Rabbi Chaim Palaggi blessed memory size required to respect the parents even after Ftirtm

Mhgr"h Palaggi blessed memory book reproach life (Genesis p. Kc"a) late: the general respect and dignity in death, etc. and learn to get rid of all the sleep from year to year, etc. and if there he could not spare on his money if you take multiple bloody conclusion, that everything that makes for honor father and mother is something little about what the father and mother removed redundant expenses bother him, a thousand times and everything is a metaphor for the father. We stopped and will not be stingy about this honor father and mother, etc., that have to charge the honor father and mother, it's all holy Dmcbdo death, as well as if he has the ability to hold scholars in the year and every year, feeding Olhskotm, and give them a handout a gift of his hand, and if not doing so, he violates the prohibition was passing report on Mitzvah honor father and mother in his life he respected Ltd. and death. Ac"l.

genius Rabbi Eliyahu Regular blessed memory in his will writes: [Living in the previous century was a genius the world did not move my hair turn wrote it with humility]

describe you my dear children I was sentenced to severe agony that raises the gate at all, nor could anyone paint it mentally, especially grief that I knew in my mind rolling etc. that would be a large generation capacity, and by reasons for reversals poor overcome misery difficult to "urges that I was able to pursue Torah To a very little one Mlhlhm against him, especially the poor made me the Chief harassment, etc., so please people, this burden, to complete what I missed, that's really all cancellation theoretical rabbinate was just business Because of you, support you to support you with respect, and by that bothered my guilt from knowing the Talmud correctly, and lose me what I had collected during my youth days of winter, etc., and since that you lost the "ministers who came here with his Talmud" A"c Abkscm Stzconi Btzdktcm study Tortcm name . By this I say "not broke do not go", so keep an eye on Tzatzaichm, when Hshi"t together name the person as guardians turn puts him under his care all his life, not tell me it's a bloody report damn it's raised a child, because such a person driving sand and line it Shechinah, is careful not wrong son makes a curse his father and mother, and how no human occupation in this world and the next hand Ntkllo ancestors. source of this theory explained the holy glow Harsb"i [F 'Bechukotai] have team respect their father and mother after the death of parents, of course, not by eating drinks but by the Torah and the commandments of charity and benevolence. Ditto if the children do they make a great honor to their parents Creator sit them on the honorary chair and if, God forbid, the offspring do not notice it then they are falcons in the very name of their parents have mercy

very what it should be careful to honor his father and mother are both alive after dying, and what needs very careful lest they will regret for the hand though he meant to put that very big punishment for that < / strong>.

Harsb"i holy glow writes that after the death of parents and staff Cibodm is greater from being alive. tax write 'Happy (late F"t) respects his father and mother in the waist as if alone Shmcbdn their lives because their lives could say the reason is because the show because there is no inheritance Ohmcbdn waist Mcbdn but for heaven

workings lift the soul

existence of Torah commandments. Secondary education. Prayer for the soul. Kadish. Charity and benevolence.

goal gave the first year

He spent a great praise to the Creator so there's a big lift for the departed soul in particular that causes the public to answer an artist it makes a big soul lift very soul matter written statement in the first year to save the ancient country of the deceased leader and wrote books that even if parents are ordered not to say Kaddish for them not to do so because if they knew the size of the interest paid and in what degree they will certainly need it back they said they were

if not told Kadish in the first year the death of dear relatives must be completed

Responsa sat Sea (CM 'YH) was asked about a family who knew about the interest paid on his behalf with the deceased. And told the boys about their father Kaddish for the first year after several years came to ask if you need to say kaddish for their father now. Author Shlita retired a long sheet to explain this customary method Hfstnim raised that if for some reason son Kadish said the first year seems right and desirable son completes a year from saying Kaddish insisted he go by his duty to exhaust him respect and even if the father was observant father that "if not imposed on the son compile fixed.

Museum (p. Sl"z) brought a number of Aaron (Karlin page H. A"d) will end version of R. Aharon the Great was a genius and holy entitles wrote many extremely late : the second year to do every night and every night Sabbath okay Reb H above, learning and devoted charity, although only trial wicked leader Twelfth Month, I do not know if I'm right leader but the first year. Ac"l. (FV down laws Ephraim Kadish Gate D. thousand shield paragraph on').

Kaddish prayer on the anniversary of learning and charity

holy books written that even if a person was righteous in this world are discussing it again every year payable on the day he died in the year to raise ever more superior and therefore need more rights and used to study and pray secrete charity lift the soul

book preserves peace (Yore Dea Tu happy sign) as' late: Who's who fear D'heart not going the way trading on the anniversary of his father or mother, even if most needed, or because will not be stressed Damzl bad day or because honoring father and mother that if his home could save more than the anniversary of secondary study and pray and saying Kaddish page before walking to the cemetery and some charity according to his power to win souls, and think they should mind his father and mother bother themselves all their lives for, at least remember them one day a year to repair their souls. Ac"l.

Kadish lift souls who tell them that Kadish

good try for they have no souls and redeems them left descendants will say Kaddish for a terrible writer by Htna holy Rabbi Akiva [lived during the destruction and the Ten Martyrs]

act Rabbi Akiva saw one man who was naked and black as coal and freight claims on his head ten times heavier than usual, and ran over the horse a carrot to Rabbi Akiva stood, and said that the man why you do such hard work, If you worked your master you do so I Afda you down if you're poor I Aasr you, please told him to be upset at me that we stopped them superiors.

Rabbi Akiva said to him what it is and what are you doing? The man said to him [about himself] died [I] is, and every day send me [my soul] cut wood, and burn me with them. Told him of what was Mlactc world you come from, told him I was and I was high customs heads of the people carrying the rich and kills the poor face. Have you told him the charge you if you buy told him to please that we stopped Parus me with disaster, that man [he meant himself] no regulation. But I heard nothing from them that can not be, otherwise it was a poor boy, he's going audience and says the knee d'blessed, watches him "Blessed d'blessed forever or says Yitgadal, watches him" would be very welcome skies. Immediately allow him The man from the calamity.

same man did not put Ben in the world and left his wife pregnant and I do not know if she would bear a male who learned that that man loves the world. At the same time accepted Rabbi Akiva lilac look if spawned year to learn Torah and be put before the public. He said what's your name? Akiba said. Where's your wife? Said Sosniva and your city?, Said Lodkia. Immediately regretted Rabbi Akiva great sorrow, and went and asked him. Since coming to the same place, asked him, told him Isthako bones of him evil. Asked his wife, said he remembered ever erase from the world. Asked the son, said it is uncircumcised, do not even realize Htaskno word with him.

immediately took Rabbi Akiva Mello, and sat before him and was not receiving the Torah, to sitting on fasting forty days and left a voice said to him: Rabbi Akiva you have studied the Torah child. Went and learned Torah Shema eighteen blessings Bencher stood before the crowd, saying his knee Wednesday blessed, blessed the crowd answered d'blessed forever, Yitgadal, skies will be very .

"at the time immediately allowed the dead from the misfortunes, immediately came to R. Akiva in a dream and said Ih"r from D. I assure you that in heaven for saving me the state leader. Immediately opened Rabbi Akiva said, Let your name D. Never, D. memory generation " [Ac"l act, adding there Bau"z]: Murray and found Rabbi Rabbi Elazar Mvarmsha Btna Debbie Eliyahu Raba, a little boy who says Yitgadal saves his father from the calamity. Ac"l.

* * *

a terrible thing and true living testimony to the importance of size stumbled evidence given [ last century]

brought this wonderful act of interesting saying Kaddish (Scidoa main is installed in the orphanage by respecting their father and mother) as they heard the usual old Rabbi Aaron Slotki from Hgr"h Sonnenfeld zt "l [much of Jerusalem a century year] while studying at a meeting of the "old writer" in Frsborg Hungary, this was done was:

a respectable woman and has a business is based, was used for many years to bring occasional decent contribution to a meeting, provided that the meeting will say Kaddish for lift them permanently lonely souls who do not say Kaddish after them, and the meeting provided a special guy who said Kaddish for the souls these.

later left her husband died of the same woman; and as he ran the business with her, struck the death business, and went to Snztmk completely closed. Woman's financial situation got worse and eventually it fell another burden, when the two marriageable daughters, and money from where? Carried the woman suffered in silence, acceptance on the Court boldly resigned. However, one thing could give her was Mr. core hurt her very best, and that, given that might interest you save idle, after she stopped the allocation for this purpose.

Mr. mind cost management area meeting request the meeting she would continue on the saving paid for lift lonely souls, to extend Wednesday the border and come back to support at the meeting as before.

Ntrgso very heads of the yeshiva were right heart end soul of this widow, safety fullness what she wants to keep saying the Kaddish as before. This promise of happiness filled her soul forever, Barak glimmers of happiness and melancholy eyes, the meeting broke up with my head turned to go away. Now no longer bothering her condition is so; even in her two daughters who had long eligible. That once lonely souls matter of devoted almost assured her that she missed anything in the world of God. But about two daughters, put trust in Avi Dayan widows and orphans. And he will certainly compassionate about her daughters, the Zivogn invite them and all their needs. < / p>

street as she came opposite her old Jew with rare dignity, Cszkn fresh snow to the fields and blessings for peace. The woman explained she was surprised the old man's cordial face unfamiliar to her. Surprise grew sevenfold, while the old man approached and entered into cordial conversation with her interest in her and in her daughters.

woman sighed difficult territory before the misfortune and the fall from a peak of success low point, until that has the means necessary to marry off adult daughters. - "What is the approximate amount you need for expenses of both your daughters marriage"? - Asked the old man. - "What is important for him to know"? The woman replied in astonishment and female estimated amount. The old man pulled out a sheet of paper and wrote teaching local bank to pay the amount a female woman. However, where the signature before expressed his wish that since we're talking serious money that will be very desirable signature witnessed with their own eyes when they see a personal stamp on the check, approves it signed by them.

excited and surprised by what happened, rose hall meeting and a request to accompany her two boys. When he saw them old, suggested they would watch how he put his signature on the order of payment; for safety asked them a piece of paper and wrote his signature on it as a souvenir for example. Morality of the check sum to the woman, ordered her to go to cash the check the next morning.

whole thing seems odd and strange woman stunned. What's the old saw unrecognized stranger to explain to her that face; show such generosity, to cover the marriage expenses of her two daughters. Aaf"c hurry to step into the bank the next day and try her luck beating heart. Examining the bank official check, the woman gave her a look that serves up wonder, looking at once, twice and all puzzled and amazed. The expression of signs of embarrassment asked the woman to wait, and check into a bank manager who was also owner.

here the most dramatic thing happened. Bank manager when he saw the check, fell from his chair and passed out ... Bank of commotion, the officials heard about what was happening, immediately put the woman into a side room and deposited her guard not to escape, while a suspicion that there is an issue with fraud.

after returning spirit of a bank manager, asked to see the woman filed the outstanding check. Income urgently asked, terror and how to receive the check. - "Just yesterday I received a Jew with dignity respected, and there are even two yeshiva students who can serve as witnesses, they saw how writing instruction signed the check" - the woman replied apologetically. "Can you identify the man if you show him the picture" - asked the manager. "Certainly I would recognize him, and I have no doubt that two guys can identify it" - she replied.

ordered the manager to bring him the portrait of his late father, Ocshutzgh picture to the woman, pointed without hesitation to him as a man who gave her the check. The manager ordered to pay the check and released the woman.

after the woman left, the manager told the audience the meaning of the strange affair took place before their eyes. - The man who made the check a woman, is only his father who died ten years ago. The night before it appeared in his dream and told him one language: "You know, since removal of a straight and married a foreigner and stopping to save the devoted, my soul found no rest, until an unknown woman and her team say Kaddish for the souls that say Kaddish after them, and the right position that I spent said the woman sitting on command caused lift my soul satisfaction. This woman will appear tomorrow morning at your bank with the check I gave her marriage expenses of her two daughters. Am thrilled when I got up from the dream, my wife Sifratio Slagh whole thing. But appearing woman with check Bentham me that the dream was true.

finished Moreno (Hgr"h Sonnenfeld zt "l): Who were the two guys? I and members of little Judah Grünewald (Babad Satmar) ... The man became penitent wife Ntgiira illegally, and were loyal to settle in Israel

(number of man on the wall H"a).

Torah study tee lift the soul with the soul much more dedicated

Edit table stopped in theory must be respected [the parents] even after death - even death is honor after learning his father and mother and NR finest patch win the souls of all sections Lhutzian leader Olhalotn heaven. Iawein book Joseph courage (p. to ") that about 'the issue of prayers dedicated:" Indeed, this patch is only for those who did not know Torah study and learn but even more useful than prayer and by also putting the dead to heaven and if a re-turn innovations win no value Lhcbod father Ai"c meeting of up ..."

source that act presented a new theory Harsb"i glow bull, you have

secondary education

Diaspora customary in Israel to study secondary to lift the soul suggested changes and wrote letters and took our sages of blessed memory when the son of Jacob sitting on the opening of leader who does not expect him to fit studying secondary leader

suggested verse "from which fought" fat letters matter

study is very useful to correct minor souls. So we find that Rabbi Akiva Eger the late [the greatest continuous hundred and fifty years ago] wrote in his will (Letters Rak Si 'Ka"h letter B): I am asking the students and members of the first year of study for each day a chapter secondary win my soul and on the anniversary every year. A"c.

study Warn lift the soul

according to the accepted teaching acceptance shining [Harsb"i theory] has a good soul than other studies. that's why he is called brilliant soul glow ... and on the Sabbath to do better than learning that he Hzoh"k For now, holy is the God ... Here's some good reading growing degree study glow Bgbhi cheated especially on Holy Saturday invaluable and certainly there will be studies for the lift the soul of his late father, infinite virtue and an end elevation of the soul of his late father, and hired him, doubly redoubled, a respect in death, etc. '

size amendment saying Tehillim lift the soul

teaching degree and size of the deceased wrote Psalm NR Maran Hhid"a late. late: Jobs' Vayakhel Moshe has an interesting bad one spirit, and was told that there was nothing of fairness because Hmzikin Saying Kaddish the psalms, so have lead bricks on their fathers to teach every day of the year and said some hymns hymns. Ac"l. Wrote a book on the table frame shortcut Aruch (SS Rc"a) Slapi"z psalms should say on the anniversary of the minor named except studying

what better soul beautiful condition or other places used the money to do charity and benevolence?


words "Teacher of Israel the previous generation, Rabbi Israel Meir of blessed memory, known as the Chofetz Chaim

Incidentally I mention here a matter is needed: There are people who want to Yad Vashem in memory of a world on the soul of their ancestors, making them a stone monument that will happen in developing and developed seal gold letters, etc. many pictures and flowers; and beautiful plantings that Shmusifin human pleasure, etc., Umfzrin money on these things much, Ohosbin of it Oshin great satisfaction the soul of the deceased. Toain some mistake that these people thinking. That people really died after his break from this world he knows where the truth in the end we want the Torah and the commandments, because he sees that it is walking a precious commodity throughout the world, for whom human Itang light in life.

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