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Life after death


series Torah from Heaven

death, a failure?

few years ago left many national and international newspaper headlines declaring that noisy first scientists argue that there is life after death!!

Nztadt here for example wrote of the press (Photo known story appears in a booklet "Why and why life" p. 16):

there life after death claim - first time - The Science of doctors and psychiatrists who have studied for many years patients were considered clinically dead, and came back another - that to life - found in common in their stories attesting, They say that death is a failure.

Dr. Raymond A.. Moody, a young doctor in psychiatry and compound Bfiosofih degree from the University of Virginia brings his book "Life After Death" was published back, "most people's testimonies or death"; seriously ill or wounded - Accident declared dead but survived as medical taxes. They talk about their experience in different variation, but certain elements from hours or moments of "death" back to all stories:

dark tunnel, bright light and strong that "being" full of love without end. Debra entity by way of transferring their thoughts. They saw all the events surrounding the physical body left "down". Everyone said details on the operating table he "died" or the taxi smashed it "killed", details accurate to the smallest medical detail, and the doctors who treated them do not realize how caught them while they were all dead by general medicine without a pulse, no breath and no waves - brain.

"I knew I got rid of," she told a woman that "Petra", "but I could not do anything, because no one heard me. I walked out of the body, I do not doubt, because I saw bodies lying on the operating table and I heard the doctors "giving" me, I felt terrible because I did not want to die. Suddenly I saw the light. He was muffled at first but got stronger. It was a huge light, hard to describe. He wrapped it all, but not blinded me and I could continue to see the room - surgery. I had the great light - or rather, when I was in it - I did not understand what was happening, but the light he asked me if I would die, I felt like I was talking with someone. but it was not a man. It was light spoke. .. caller. I knew the light know I was not ready to die. I felt like I was being examined. I felt - so good. I felt confidence and love.'s hard to describe, hard to explain ..."

Another witness, Susie reproduction, describes the "almost death" so its "whisper to a hospital in the fifth pregnancy because I was very ill. The doctors were under pressure and decided on an urgent cesarean section, but I was unconcerned. I think this time the decision to leave funds in my heart ... Then I remember, I lost consciousness. The next thing I remember is I was looking over my body, people bent over him.

Then I saw a circle radiating white light, blue light inside, and found myself sucked into the blue light. Absolute calm and serenity and beauty around me. It felt like floating. I was sucked deeper into the tunnel, at the end was light, and inside I heard a voice speaking to me: 'Do you really think you did what you should do? Are you going to leave your child alone in the three year mark? This voice softly repeated again and again. I thought to myself: 'If people really knew what real means of death, they were not afraid, because no matter what happens to your body, you do not find it. Do you mind free and full of light. I realized that this moment of choice. I could go into the light, but I found myself drawn back. Was a noise like that, and suddenly I found myself in my body, surrounded by a large infusion and bustle.

who are investigating for many years very seriously the issue is well-known American psychiatrist Elisabeth Kubler - Ross. "I know beyond any shadow of a doubt that life continues after physical death," Ross concludes that research of more than - 20 years. I am very skeptical by nature, and carefully examined every aspect of this experience. I discovered, for example, people whose bodies were cut off limbs, said that when they left their bodies, souls were whole again. Moreover, blind from birth described before were just amazing what people in the room where their bodies lay Hey, if wearing jewelry and what they did. After all, it's impossible! How could they know that? "

Kubler - Ross does not see any need or use to convince other people the truth of the phenomenon. "These are open to hear - hear, and those Shaotmim their ears - will surprise ..." Is a constant .

studied the phenomenon of the "little death" points to the many elements common to millions of witnesses (30 million!) from all corners of the Earth . All share the initial description is hovering outside and above the physical body. Witnesses say that they were aware of any events around them. Then mostly depict the presence of nearby bright and has an inner beauty "browsing" through a dark tunnel toward or light. Many tell of a voice speaking to them.

disabled told of a sense of liberation cables, and almost everyone mentioned the disappearance of the human fear of that mysterious thing called "death ." researchers suggest the phenomenon primarily on the fact that similar elements may not return the evidence of Millions of people, unless they all really experienced something real.

fascinating book called "LEBEH" ( "Life"), published this year in West Germany return there hearts young and old alike, argues that modern man, a century - 20, although asking himself questions like : "Where I come" and "Ann I'm going", but because of his perspective on life is the only material, it tends to get a key theme of death and fears and anxieties about it.

earthly life, the book states, are only part of real life. They station journey of the soul. This is a learning period for the soul. Earth is the school.

soul, by "life" back to the moment of birth the physical body and tied him to death, not only to remove leotard. Sometimes the soul leaves the body, especially during deep sleep state of unconsciousness. But unlike death, in these situations is still attached thread of energy.

Iohh Schnell, a therapist from Germany, says that for 20 years had witnessed many death processes, and always was able to distinguish them energetic copy of the building taking shape over the human physical body which went out of life.

perhaps most interesting of all is, the investigator, Kubler - Ross, moved to her own experience of "almost death". "There's a big difference between the study of other people's evidence and personal experience," she says, "I tell myself laughing, that my case was more beautiful than 20,000 cases and questioned them. When you were once in the light of this experience the calm and love, does it matter completely all values and quality of life. to here from the press.

Incidentally, the large number of returning life Doreen, is explained by Professor Kenneth Ring, professor of psychology at the University of Connecticut and founder of consciousness Department investigation "phenomenon almost death" at the university, this innovative resuscitation S"t breastfeeding our time brought many people from of almost death to life. "

scientists first learned our time that there is life after death. And the Torah that was given by thousands of years, says the matter??

- - -

"remember the days Bhrotich Borac, until the evil days come not, and came years that I have to say that an object (those old days) etc. until no 'd be fascinated pity money, etc. and return the dirt on the ground when he, the Spirit returns to God who gave " (Ecclesiastes Ib, A - M - King Solomon A"h author)

Torah, which preceded the science - by being on a human, not only knew that there is life after death, it also showed our people that which was going to happen with the person after the death of the body! Of countless information in turn, Nztadt here from The Oral Law, which last number in which beside the point a bit with the multiple.

"Look of three things - and you come to the offense. Know where you come from, where are you going, and before whom you are going to give account. where you come from, preaching slumped. where are you going, where soil maggots. before Who are you going to give account before the King of Kings, blessed be He. " (fathers c, a)

now focus on the Torah in regard to things such new studies.

Well, looking at these studies that Tmtzitn brought this article (see more further Bhiborino "Nine answers question" from a series of "Torah from Heaven", Chapter One) renews five modern white generation core data:

A.. There is a possibility of returning to life after clinical death.

on. After the death of the deceased see a strong light, which is someone's reality "abundant love without end. He talks with them by way of transfer of thoughts.

c. Deceased see their lives pass before them fragile Bezeq, but in chronological order, a remarkable speed.

D.. Friends and relatives who died before leaving for the deceased. The

. The dead can know all the events around the physical body term down (who was also blind in his life! [1] ).

Surprisingly (?) All five of these data, and many more of them, appear in the Torah in several places, and unexplained Mboarim detailed than the scientific studies. Nztadt please that some of them.

A.. possibility of returning to life after clinical death.

happy mask (the beginning of Chapter VIII) states: "Iotzain Ofokdin cemetery for the dead to three days. something that struck one lived twenty-five years, then died".

that is, until three days burial has to go to the cemetery to see if the deceased did not return to life. Because until three days have an option of returning to life (!) [Retirement and saw a sign that this is precisely their day Stz"d were buried cubicles]. Practice that struck one, and lived twenty-five years.

Talmud (Bava Batra Y., B) tells of a rabbi's son Joseph Joshua died and returned to life. His father told him what you saw? Told him, a world upside down (- away) I saw. Superior (people considered here because of their wealth dignitaries etc.) down, underwear (men considered here are simple, but there were workers of God correctly) above. His father told him: Did you see clear to the world!

and told in the Talmud (Rosh Hashanah Iz, a) Rav Huna son of Rav Yehoshua returned to life and told the rabbi that while Papa was supposed to die, "said Ho was blessed because not suffer from Millie, Vadih not established. (- Told them blessed be He, since not put on the fields - but passes on the fields, though you do not stand on the court with niggle him). Ie Rav Huna was also to hear the reason for his return to life. See more sacred glow Lharsb"i act weanling prayed for his father, he needs to learn, and returned to his father's life.

on. deceased see after their death a great light and strong which is someone's reality "abundant love without end. He talks with them by way of transfer of thoughts.


Harsb"i holy glow (Genesis smell.) writes a daily thing Bshata Daslimo Lafka Alma Nash, Nash bar Aitiihib permission Lmhmi what real huh Lia etc. " (when completed life of the person to leave the world, given the person permission to see what he had permission to see during his lifetime).

known supreme revelations are like light. Saw the book directly (USD hand): "The world is wide, with no edges, etc. great light which did not resemble the light of this world."

more worthy of note here the words of our sages: "After all, he says that no living human Shishani (names to). Their lives - do not see, but they see when you give. "(Great desert, the end bore).

and Sages said: "Since the person who freed the world, we find him blessed be He, etc. (Yalkut Shimoni Job Ttkc"b).

c. They see their lives pass before them fragile Bezeq, but in chronological order, a remarkable speed

before the invention of the camera filming the screening devices, commemorating the show huh huh future the past were the words of returning to life incomprehensible mind: to see that done before?!? How is it possible??

thousands of years ago our sages wrote that one sentence: "When a person died from the world Onfrtim all his actions come before him" . (books, listen)

D.. Friends and relatives who died pre Therefore, go for the deceased

Harsb"i glow Hkdoskotb, following quotation above are presented at about allowing a person to see in death, said this: "Alas Okriboi Mstchn Bethmann with me, warriors equity, equity Oaistmoda, Oazlin with my soul to site Dtsri Batih. "(his father and relatives are there with him, and he sees them, become familiar with them, and they are accompanied his soul to the place where she dwell).

of which occurred on the death of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai Zohar St. (early taxidermy mini): "Rabbi Shimon Atatf, Oitib. (wrapped Rabbi Shimon garb, sat.) began the dead praise not ya etc. said: Ah great grandfather Hmnona Hca, Oshrnih E. righteous Galifn Baitrin sharp Naharin all rooms, etc. (Here's a Hmnona Grandpa is here and around seventy tombs carved Atarot lighting each one, etc.) to Daoh Itib said (while sitting, he said): Ha Rabbi Pinhas Ben Yair Hca, I add her aunt. Azdazo Hbriia Daoo Bethmann rose Write lower beta, etc. (Here Rabbi Pinchas Ben Yair here, installed position. horrified friends who were there got up and sat at the back of the house, etc. Although the already')...[ long since died of Rabbi Pinhas Ben Yair]

see more in the Talmud (Brachot power) about Yochanan ben Zakai said near his death: "Prepare a chair Hezekiah king of Judah came!" (Come to me Llootni. Rashi there).

the. The dead can know all the events surrounding the physical body.

sages, which they could not source of information stems from research returning temporary clinical death, but the profound teachings of the Creator of human expansion, they knew that since the research people know it now, and knew also that the study still do not know. Chazal indicate what they were saying the time in which the soul stays near the body. So says the Talmud Yerushalmi (Yevamos Chapter Tz, HG): "All three days after death, the soul flew on the body."

and was told in the Talmud (Shabbat Bank, b): " all they say to the deceased, know."

saw another Talmud Tractate Brachot (units, b) about them Hmsohhot souls after death. Tractate Bava Metzia (PDA, b) is told that Rabbi Elazar son of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai was answering questions after his death. A date (so, a) call of Rabbi Judah Hezekiah Hiyya their graves. At (kg, a) about Rabbi Yehuda President who comes home every night after his death Saturday. Lent (כג, b) about a turn after his death helped his son. Saturday (Bank, b) Achai scolded out of the grave diggers. Ponds (units, b) a tiny woman who died asking for deposits, which showed him the place she had hidden straight on certain future cemetery next to that fire. See more talk there about the dead Samuel. [By Rabbi Zamir Cohen]

[1] according to one folder testimony of Dr. Kubler - Ross: As a blind chemist lab explosion, brother died a year later clinical death, returned to life. Despite his blindness, he told the details of his death and what he saw "down".

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