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Exemplary stories from the tomb visible miracles Harsb"i

untold generations about miracles performed in Meron, the right of the righteous Harsb"i, had declared: "I can rid the world of law," according to Rabbi Yosef Super Fee "Byahusf evidence": "and told me wonderful things that holy place.

student of the Ramban, who Ari dozens sixth thousand years, pamphlet, "Results of Israel" wrote details on the graves of righteous conditions in the Holy Land, describing the mass prayer assembly, assessor praised Miron Cave: "all Israel there Mtkbtzin two Ohishmaelim Passover, Israel pray there, and say where hymns, and when they [see] out of water inside the cave, everyone is happy that he signed Sttbrc year, and often not found where water, while water Tfltm would look instantly.

hundred years or more after an anonymous tourist describes his visit Ari Kandiah remarks seemed that the prayers are held on the grade and demanded of Harsb"i Meron, and he says: "There is living water at all, until generation can not name people, lack of water, Jews did when coming three times, see burials mentioned righteous important, especially burial of Rabbi Shimon ben Yohai, will beg with flat, not begging pardons - to be blessed, give them water, they can stand a few days, then come meter , their ignorance Ohishmaelim fill their instruments of water, then let the Jews to eat and drink all of delicacies.

this tradition approve by Rabbi Isaac Latif from Italy, heard about it from a seventy-year-old, stored at Jerusalem, in CAM - Meir Abulafia value, he tells of the wonderful made burial Hillel May: "In both men and women were shaped, and prayed into the cave and heard the Oianm water, and fill first stone tools that have a receptacle in the cave first drink, then call a sky thick, will rain give the crop land, and tried to shake them if not yielding to them."

Rabbi Moshe Muswell who immigrated to Israel, after forty years, in Rf"a, the number of water is also available at the Cave of Hillel the Elder and his followers: "Adam responds with his hand, and freshwater bass, and I drank them, and behold How come there is water, and as they gathered, how they are good for drinking, that all this great evidence to swear that Csichnso crowd and pray, just pour in the water are increasing, "although he adds:" Although I've never had it. "< / p>

"also say that another miracle is it that Jews are a large convoy, and one light candles in the cave around, and if a woman enters her immediately shook Turn candles, all attest to swear to be true, and vertical have not seen" .

Maran's day with a "house of Joseph" were immigrants Scores Rsb"i son every time when a drought year, and reported in the tendon Meisharim "that rains down around the following rounds Scores Harsb"i son.

once when rains Sukkot, conservative regretted it, he discovered the "tendon", Daylight as EST, said: "rains poured samples not hook him on his pitcher H." and indeed received Dberichm, R. Shimon ben Yohai and his son were happy glow on Lkratcm Bkrotcm Martm Village near them, but because Dakftm R. Elazar cloth, the following species on the water please, wake up the water came, and would encompass other time, most rainfall ever come as During Honi the circle - - - all it would be next to you, every time that the world will go to the most rains attacked Zion Harsb"i son mentioned fasting, and in case the public, attacking them seven times and answer " [1] .

grade Harsb"i tradition prayers to all that trouble to posterity Tba continued: "while stopping rain, God forbid, going to pray, and once they walked, I too with them, prayed and read in public Torah that name, and we thank not many pet - to, and will at all times, praying there on our salvation, the deliverance mind these days soon.

Rabbi Isaiah Halevi Horowitz, a Hsl"h, Ari came in FB, the number of sons of Zion Harsb"i visited program, adding "I'll glow, that some miracles incidence there, that should Shining in horror and awe to study large and persistent manner, then rejoice the heart of spiritual joy, no Aveilut sadness that those object Rsb"i and authentic. "

earlier generations stood in the center of Zion cemetery Harsb"i righteous, our brothers the people of Israel there were many duck before the place where superstition, it's right big righteous are saved, many were absentees better after prayer this holy place.

heard wonders after stretching salvation instead, came from afar, just beginning to near and far are flocking to prayer Meron, and non-allies recognized the sanctity of the place,

Score Harsb"i shelter during an earthquake

story of Rabbi Yosef writer with "evidence Byahusf" the wonderful days that occurred this holy place. Days a large earthquake occurred in Safed: "When I left the noise on the ground [New Cheshvan Tkc"b] came all Hishmaelim Oharlim same place, it Rsb"i building of late, the door shut and yelled at everyone here, and opened their mouths:" Rabbi Shimon, Rabbi Shimon, since you're a big man in the world and important, and we heard from our ancestors Mhshibotc, and you are important to us, open Fthc ", and immediately the door opened by itself, they all went forward, and their houses and their wives were saved, and they had no damage at all, and now he, Rabbi Simon, very important to them most. "

later dispatch he returns for this purpose, because the new number was another earthquake, "noise when the two [and Kislev] all the Jews fled Oarlim Oishmaelim, the building of the late Cbfam Rsb"i first when they came close to see all the entire building and towering raised himself up and jumped in the air as a bottom-up from top to bottom, well above that of the building, divided into two parts, halves, and were open for years. because they saw it fell in great anxiety about them, and opened all very Onthlhlo < strong> and shouted "Rabbi Shimon, Rabbi Shimon, if all your building is, what will be our end of us?" which was more than half an hour, then quiet noise quiet country building stood in its place, the dome's split up into two parts, Nthbra Cbrasona together and there was They damage at all, and the people who came to see the great miracle that the building, inside and out, if there is any sign or building slot, and found no sign at all or a crack in the wall, which was Cbrasona " [2 ] .

Rabbi Chaim Halevi Horowitz a "חבת Jerusalem" is also number: "Including the call, which Zichni be Meron, Lag B'Omer year Tktz"t little detail,

fell six stories and his condition was critical resurrected as one person that day

tell a great miracle that happened in that sea and that his eyes saw a stranger, come with all the holy congregation, men women and children, on the roof of midrash Htna Rsb"i enjoy looking Bhilola, fall boy of about five years from the roof immigration, and the roof was high as thirty mother and the child fell to Israel was actually dead, knowing that the audience provide a spoon, their paper boy died, and his father going to cry about his son, commanded one doctor who was there that leeching blood child, the child began Vayechi shouting "Oh my father, hearing the child crying and go back all the people delight" ... He blessed recovery that child, that tomorrow is healthy but really, was happy in a crowd with his committee, so everybody knew that only by Divine Ntrfa Htna resident child not to delight. "

clerk sterile after fourteen years thanks to the contribution NR Harsb"i

Although Rabbi Yehuda Leib Mfoltishan a "FAQ Maharil", reminds description Hhilola: his ears what he saw: "And Vashmhh saw me, were two people who had a drink, and ask anyone to help themselves their drink. " Question for what they told themselves that they need command from above but Baz"h saved one of them was born first child fourteen years After his marriage, while link-up the first born son ten years after his marriage.

how absentee? Simchat Hhilola one voice declared: "I Vow Eighteen Ratil drink the joy Rsb"i Lag, from May the father in heaven, help me the one year Oifkdni son remembered." All the people answered and his voice joined those blessing " Amen ". That year Ntabro wives gave birth to sons, this year it was time to shave two children and they paid up to Meron gendarme thank her, ordered them on the right of the righteous, and edit where the first haircut to their children.

sailed by a "Hilola Drsb"i" prosecutor "who dispatch the Land of Israel is commanded to cut Meron on Lag B'Omer, be there on Hhilola Greater - - - and certainly may put all his best wishes ".

"a lot of legends and tales untold miracles Meron to rate everything is not new to us, that's called a miracle, like Shmtzino (mask coat with new AE) Skrauhu" scholar in miracles "- he adds - "And although there is a place here on tangents but still could not resist and stop telling an act of great miracle is that bad, which we answered,

a terrible thing right from the resurrection until evidence

I am a witness to tell the audience something a miracle and wonder, what I saw in my eyes, being Miron

on Lag B'Omer in Trf"g, [1923] applies then on Friday, nearly most of the audience of the thousands of Israel, then Meron strike remained there the Sabbath day, to our taste, so taste the joy of Saturday superb, magical ' .

on Saturday morning after prayer-added voice loud noise because of the death of a Spanish boy, who only the day before the first was held Tglhto vowed. " eyes I saw - he says - the term child room on the ground, green and died. all very Nztaro loss of one soul from Israel, and attended his mother's sorrow, grief could not in any how to do "sanctification" and eat the Shabbat meal.

Suddenly, his mother got up, took the dead child on her hands, and fell down with him on the hand Bbihc"n Holy score and put it on the floor Mr. voice began shouting "Oh, Tzadik Tzadik, Rabbi Shimon. I, Amtc, I'm here for you, my only son to shave gave me the first Hshi"t your right, there is vow that I made, and yesterday I made a living Hbeotio shaved drum violin singing songs and drink and happy, and now how to go away in shame No shame-faced kid and how I'll come home ". Voices were heard crying in the yard and heart Who does not like water melting hear her cry. When she finished her prayer got off the ground and continued praying "righteous, righteous, I am laid in front of you like it, please ask Tbeisni and return the empty and returns before alive and well, like yesterday you Shbeotio, Oitkds a sky world, knowing that the righteous judges country ".

purple Bihcn"s closed the door and stayed there one, except the child lying on the ground after a few moments sounded Mbihc"n boy cry for his mother. When the door opened, and the boy stood up and shouted "My mother, Give me some water, because Tzmati. All the crowd came to see the child alive. Although doctors gathered there to examine the child and told that India is naturally included, and standing there knee Blessing "living dead".

childless volunteer purple drink win Rsb"i

were greatest Hasidic launch fees to Israel, including requests to mention the names of those in need of salvation at Zion Harsb"i, and Lender charity, we preserved letter of Rabbi Ben Zion Halberstam, zt "l Mbabov fourteenth, after well-being of the Holy Land, where he writes "Since he had heard from the holy country, complaining they purple childless , Rh"l, volunteer Chai Rattle drink, Yoma Dailola Score Htna Elkie Rsb"i, So he appoints him "like a messenger, the better to remind the couple see - - - with his wife - - - Hshi"t them male orders of durable, quickly, without any barrier damage," and adds "Weindb for Chai Rattle drink is customary, and help Hshi"t Oifkdm salvation soon, ready to warm hearts gladly pay charity.

not only salvation prayer Lmtzfi private sufferings served Zion Harsb"i, but also many prayer center point, and communities abroad, who were in trouble, they turn and ask to pray for them Lara"k Meron Score Harsb"i.

laps around the grave suffering exile community salvation clear tyrannical governor

Dweiq Rabbi Chaim Shaul Cohen, one of the greatest Kabbalists of Jerusalem, arrived in the Letter of one community abroad with a writer that the city governor is very troubling and demand ultimate Jews pray for them. Rabbi Chaim Shaul accepted the request, and sit's "Sorry" , went to Meron accompanied by twenty of his students, and every day they were having "laps" around the holy score of Eleazar, the usual manner, with four species of old, held in the holy year. "

returning home in the sanctuary with their group found Rabbi Chaim Shaul the telegram sent from the same community in which they herald that the governor had admired died suddenly, and Jews had light and joy.

by joy on Lag B'Omer receive salvation

Rabbi Avraham Yaakov Sadhora a Knight of Jacob ", sees the source of the Jesuit happily:" Lag B'Omer line glad that the days of counting series Praise 'of God - Dean Lag B'Omer is Hmtkt laws, U. "Holy Zohar Y. revelation, so he Ocsnmhakim laws joy,

beard and authorizes the words of Rabbi Israel Rujin Israel can receive any of the effects of good by joy and size, but the real joy is only by the Torah KGB, and by the Israelites Mtdbkim study Torah KGB, no harm no control, and become null and void, and that "the wave of eyes would look wonderful Mtortc " (Psalms Ki"t) "mg / l" Lag "eyes" "En d'al Huey Lmihlim grace "(name) Lag B'Omer from Hmtkot laws Nsfaim favors," I look wonderful "and see the wonders מישועות at Israel, how Mtortc, by Holy contagious Vatora young educators, dedicated to my knees are warned to cancel the bad effects of good Umsfiam ".

[purple Medicine]

Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Aharneich dresses one Magrotio Lirslim noted that m you see Wafa N. artist and Rahman "Home Tibbon Meron," meaning inherent right justified Meron send Hshi"t medical patients with Israel, Ohara"z Margolis adds: "It says" a righteous Renee Oishaoh tents, and many are saved there all year, but on Lag B'Omer day Hmtkt laws is righteous is saved. [Journey Meron]

[1] Magid Meisharim Emor, see above Bmamrno on a grade of Harsb"i.

[2] Name, p. 305. Although a "love of Zion" threshold: "Even foreigners Mndbim Get Rsb"i oil on his son Eleazar, swear to each other as Simon Miron and several times used the right"

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