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About Us

The Connecting to RASBY Website is operated by the In the Merit of Rabbi Shimon Non-profit organization.


The organization was established in order to connect the entire Jewish Nation all over the world to the holy Sage of the Mishnah Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai. Through the connection with this righteous soul the Nation of Israel will merit many great salvations, each one according to his need. Stories of salvations from the gravesite of RASHBY from the past and until today are very well known. You will see some of them on this site.


Our main activities

  • Support of Yeshivas and Kollels all over Israel of Rabbis - Torah scholars who learn the Torah of RASHBY.

  • Support of the Midnight Kollel. According to RASHBY's teachings this is the greatest time of grace within the 24-hour period and many were redeemed when their names were mentioned at that time.


  • Help and assistance for families in distress, orphans and widows.


  • Mentioning of names with prayers for salvation at the gravesite of RASHBY for all Jews, from Israel and all over the world who cannot come to the holy gravesite. We are your emissaries for any request at happy occasions - birth of a child, birthday, bar/bas mitzvah, engagement, wedding day; before fateful decisions, in deciding about a mate, when opening a new business, for finding the right match, having children, an easy pregnancy, easy birth, harmony in the home; for protection, blessing, success, finding favor, happiness,  security G-d forbid in times of trouble, before fateful medical treatment, before a court sentence – and for any matter of salvation and mercy.


The connecting to rashby website

  • At the site we connect to the RASHBY who devoted himself to bringing every Jew all over and in any state closer to G-d, through his teaching Torah in a pleasant manner. In this way he proved to all that the Torah is pleasant and sweet and that its fruits are very juicy. Those who go in its ways merit tranquil and wholesome lives full of happiness and joy in This World – besides the reward for mitzvahs in the Next World.

We try to continue in his way and his tradition. Hence we present you with written essays and videos to watch, to serve as great physical and spiritual experiences.       This material will give you a great deal of information and encouragement with practical tools for all circumstances in life that are presented to you. Sometimes you will be astounded to see how the that Torah was given and written thousands of years ago went down to the depths of the soul and negated doubts that a person would have  in the 21st century – and is also able to give solutions for every thing and matter today.


  • At the site you will see and enjoy the section about the kindness of RASHBY. (As we know, when RASHBY, left the cave, he looked to perform deeds of kindness as thanksgiving for his rescue.)  In this section there is a reservoir of all areas of mutual help for all strata of the public, at no charge. For example, general medical and fertility counseling, emotional help and support, support of families in distress, free second-hand items and legal counseling for citizens.
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