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The righteous souls in Heaven look kindly upon those who try to perform good deeds in their memory - especially in areas where they had devoted their lives. Below are several opportunities to connect with RASHBY:


Connecting to the holy Sage of the Mishna can be done in several ways:

  1. Independent learning of an essay of RASHBY every week. This is a strong connection with the soul of the righteous man. Every week a new essay will be published on the site written in a light and clear manner.


  1. Praying at the gravesite of RASHBY. As we know, the grave of RASHBY has merited to be a place for hope at all times, even in cases where under natural circumstances there is no hope; the Sages in his generation had declared that he was accustomed to miracles. Those who are far away and cannot reach the gravesite have the opportunity to send their details to us and we will try to say their names by the holy gravesite for free, at no charge.

  1. Recommending friends/family members and all your acquaintances to visit the site and connect to RASHBY and his doctrines. The site answers social, familial and spiritual needs. Perhaps your acquaintance has a pressing problem and would want people to pray for him at the Advocate of the Jewish Nation? Do not hold back goodness from your friend and do not wait for tomorrow. Distribute this address on your circulation list now – and with G-d's help your salvation will also speedily come. Remember! RASHBY writes in the holy Zohar that through the spreading of his Torah the total Redemption will come. And by your spreading the address of this site of RASHBY'S Torah and your recommendation of it you can merit your private redemption and salvation.


  1. Contributing to the site in memory of the holy Sage of the Mishnah Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai will encourage us and give us the strength and means to continue to benefit you – and to expand with other important sections that will be of great benefit to the dear public. Besides that, the power of charity is very great, to protect you from any trouble or distress, plague or illness.


If you have any ides to make the site more effective and better in any area you think of, or if you can contribute from your time and talents to maintain the site and improve it, we will be happy to hear and implement. May the merit of RASHBY protect you and all your family members.





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