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Consecration of a new home

חנוכת הבית

Consecration of a new home


King David writes in the Psalms,

"If G-d doesn't build a house, the builders will have worked for naught."

This means that for the building of every home we need a great deal of help from Heaven for the home to suit all our needs and meet our expectations, for the Divine Presence to dwell in it without any Evil Eye or sorrow, G-d forbid.

Our Sages of blessed memory said that "A nice apartment broadens one's spirits."

For most people it's not simple at all to obtain a roof over their heads.


Show gratitude to the Creator for having brought you to this great day.

When you make His poor children in dire straits happy, you bring yourself merits.

Charity and loving kindness are the strong foundations upon which a home of peace, goodness and blessing can be built.

Through your efforts the broken hearted are made happy, and measure for measure the Creator will make you happy and will send you blessings and success in all your endeavors, with much contentment from your family.


Please think! You have invested a tremendous amount in buying your home. Don't forget to insure your investment. A meal for poor people is a shield, an overall comprehensive insurance at a nominal cost – not only for the walls of the house but for all those who live within them, for all their lives.

A meal for the poor donated in honor of a happy occasion, an ancient Jewish custom, will open the Heavenly gates for the Creator to bless you from His great treasures with a long life, blessed children and livelihood in profusion.

When the meal is held, at least ten people sit together, having the power of a group whose prayers are likely to be accepted. The names of the donors and their families are said and the merit of all the blessings that the poor people recite on their food is attributed to the donors.


The cost of a meal for the poor:

Option 1: (respectable meal)  a donation of 560 NIS or $155

Option 2: (regular meal)        a donation of 280 NIS or $ 80

To make your donation and submit names press here.

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