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הרשם לאתר וזכה בתפילה וברכה על ציון הרשב"י הקדוש. שנה טובה ומתוקה


You have come to a new apartment


The house is furnished and well-kept


You have also made sure to insure the home and its contents.


Don't forget that a strictly kosher mezuzah is the strongest, most reliable protection kit.


Our forefathers looked upon the mezuzah as a source of protection, tranquility and success.


The Torah promises longevity to those who keep the mitzvah of mezuzah.


The mezuzah nullifies powers of impurity, demons, magic and harmful agents.


It sends them away from your home and even guards you when you leave home.


Those who are scrupulous about the mezuzah are ensured by our Rabbis of having a beautiful apartment.


Even if you have put a strictly kosher mezuzah at your doorpost you must maintain it and check it once in three and a half years because a mezuzah can become faulty in the course of time due to changes in the weather.


A faulty mezuzah is not good for the inhabitants of that home.

תמונה מס' 13

You've rented an apartment? Don't rely on the existing mezuzahs and give them in to be checked.


Kosher mezuzahs prevent tragedies.

Strictly kosher mezuzahs bring success.

By us you will find mezuzahs under Rabbinical supervision of the Va'ad Kedushat Stam at convenient prices. Mezuzahs that will bring you all the blessings and merits involved therein.

Likewise, we check mezuzahs and make the necessary corrections. We also perform a computerized test. (We can come to you to pick up the mezuzahs, check them and bring them back.)

For an expanded article with sources and true facts from our times – "Mezuzahs and Salvation":

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(כתבה שניה)

(Second article)

True facts from our times about mezuzahs


Kosher mezuzahs prevent tragedies

Strictly kosher mezuzahs bring success.

Diseases and tragedies that were alluded to in the faulty mezuzah

Eye disease as a result of a faulty mezuzah

  1. A child suffered from eye disease bordering on blindness. When the mezuzahs were checked the word "your eyes" was found to be disqualified.


  1. In Jerusalem a woman became ill with diabetes and as a result, lost her sight. When her mezuzahs were checked, the word "your eyes" was found disqualified.


  1. In England a boy drove on his bike, smashed into a pole and was hurt seriously in his eyes. Upon checking one mezuzah it was found that the word "your eyes" was disqualified.



A woman suffered from terrible headaches for half a year. Her husband, a director of an important institution gave in the mezuzahs to be checked. When they were corrected as necessary all the headaches simply disappeared.


Heart attack

A man in Brooklyn suffered a heart attack. When his mezuzahs were checked, a tear in the word "your heart" was found.



Organs attached in the wrong place

In a certain family several children were born with serious health problems. One had obstructed intestines, another had nostrils obstructed and the third child's eyes were closed up. When they checked the mezuzahs they found that letters were stuck together – unfortunately a clear illusion to the organs that were obstructed.


A woman in the USA suffered from scoliosis (curvature) in her spine. This caused her great suffering. When her mezuzahs were checked they found that the lines in it were crooked - like her spine - disqualifying the mezuzahs. The woman purchased new mezuzahs. She underwent a complicated operation and now, thank G-d, she is totally healthy.



A woman suffered from deep depression. An examination of her mezuzahs revealed that in the word "your soul" there was a letter split in two.


Harmony in the home

A young couple came to live in a certain apartment. They kept quarreling until they got divorced and left the apartment. This scenario repeated itself with three couples. When the fourth couple came to live there a fire broke out and destroyed their property. When the mezuzah was examined it was found that instead of the words "asher Anochi" – "that I" – the words "aish Anochi" – "I am a fire" – were written. Thus, unfortunately, either the fire of dispute or real fire wrought havoc on the apartment.


The merits of the mezuzah in bringing family harmony are alluded to in the ketubah that every couple is given upon their marriage. It says therein "and they shall not ignore - one another" – "zeh mizeh"- which alludes to the mezuzah. (It is also customary to check the ketubah in cases of domestic problems.)



The kosher mezuzah helped the abandoned woman

A proofreader was summoned to a certain home to check the mezuzahs. The man of the house related that his daughter was married but there were problems because she and her husband were obviously unsuited to each other. The husband refused to give a divorce unless he was given an enormous sum of money and they certainly could not afford that. Consequently his daughter was abandoned for a very long time. When the mezuzahs were checked, letters were found to be mixed up and broken – i.e. – totally disqualified. The mezuzahs were changed with strictly kosher ones and amazingly within a few days the woman was given her divorce and freed to remarry, for a small sum.


A disqualified mezuzah and infertility

A couple married for many years did not have children. Upon checking the mezuzah in the bedroom it was found that the word "restrain" (עצר)was faulty. (An allusion to this in the Torah is the verse "for G-d restrained every womb in the household of Avimelech"). The mezuzah was changed and a year later good tidings were heard; to their great joy, a son was born.

תמונה 9




When the mezuzah is lacking, livelihood is lacking,

A strictly kosher mezuzah brings increased success.


The business collapsed – and was revived

There was a thriving large fur coat business in the States. Business grew and the owner decided to move to larger premises. However, for some unknown reason, after it moved, the business began to go down. There were fewer orders and fewer profits. The owner quickly gave in his mezuzahs to be checked. Indeed, in the mezuzah at the main entrance the word "and in your lying down" was mistakenly written twice – indeed, the business was "lying down and sleeping" At the second entrance to the business the word "I" was disqualified – alluding to the fact that I – G-d did not place His name in that business. The mezuzahs were changed – and the business began thriving again.

תמונה מס' 6


The mezuzah and business

A certain business had all good reasons to succeed. The owners had invested all their energy and money – but for naught. Upon checking the mezuzahs they found that the words "with all your might" – alluding to money and livelihood – were faulty.


The tax authorities and the mezuzah

The tax authorities informed a large businessman that they were coming to visit his business to verify data. He was very frightened and gave in his mezuzahs to be checked. One was burned from the beginning point. Others had other disqualifications. The mezuzahs were changed and the owner succeeded in working things out with the authorities, to the satisfaction of all.


Mezuzahs are the letters "zaz mavet" = death moved

Five cases of untimely death within a short time in a group of employees of a large firm

The people in charge decided to check the mezuzahs in light of the ongoing tragic events. When hundreds of mezuzahs were checked only a few were found to be kosher. The lesson was learned: the cost of cheap products is very very dear.


Mourning over the head of the household

The mezuzahs were checked in the family wherein the father had unfortunately passed away at a young age; it was found that instead of the word "v'achalta" ואכלת –"and you shall eat" - the word ואבלת –v'avalta - and you shall mourn" – was written. And thus, unfortunately, it was fulfilled. The widow didn't stop crying. She said, "I gave these mezuzahs in to be checked and they found nothing wrong. The previous checker caused irreparable damage. (Note: Not everyone who can read is capable of checking mezuzahs. Great mastery and expertise is necessary.)

תמונה מס' 8

Faulty tefillin disqualified potential matches

An older bachelor who hadn't found his match for many years decided to give in his tefillin to be checked. It was found that the inside parts were strictly kosher but had been put in inversely. The tefillin were corrected – and behold – the young man became engaged after one week.



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